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Corona Virus: NGF Appeals To President To Reform The Palliative Distribution To Avert Irregularities

Buhari urged to reform palliative distribution
President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged by Nigerian governors to reform
the mode of distribution of palliatives to vulnerable Nigerians affected by the coronavirus impact. 

This was disclosed in a statement by the Chairman Nigerian Governors Forum, Dr. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State, during a teleconference meeting with the President on Tuesday, April 14th.

According to the NGF Chairman through his spokesperson, noted that the distribution of items was not targeted at the large population, but rather the few. He also warned that the situation if not addressed, would result in a breakdown of law and order by the vulnerable in the Country who flood the streets.

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While citing the effects, Dr. Fayemi urged the President to carry out the distribution through State Governors in order to avert irregularities.

On Tuesday 7th April 2020 saw the House of Representative leaders Gbajiamala and the Senate President Lawal sat in a meeting with the Minister of humanitarian affairs, Umar Farouq. The duo argued that the palliative distributions were marginalized, without reaching the proper people it was meant for.

In a similar development, the Senator formerly representing Borno North Senatorial district, and the Senate committee chairman on the army, stated that the mode of distribution is fraudulent and therefore should be banned.

According to, the APC Senator while chatting with the media on the 13th of April, made the call in Maiduguri at the State capital.

In a new development, masses in Lagos State invaded a warehouse allegedly belonging to a group in the state where Covid 19 palliatives were kept. This incident took place in Mazamaza area of the state.

The governor who was not happy with the situation condemned the action of the people involved. According to a media report, the items were been shared initially but were stopped due to the protest. Some made away with bags of rice, cartoons of indomie and other items.


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