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Covid 19 Latest Update Released Imo State Missing In The List

  • Update On Covid 19 As Reported By NCDC

NCDC latest Covid 19 Information has been released with Nigeria reportedly recording Ninety-One new cases of the pandemic disease.

  • These are the list of States affected by the virus:

Lagos - 43
Sokoto - 8
Taraba - 6
Kaduna - 5
Gombe - 5
Ondo - 3
FCT - 3
Edo - 3
Oyo _3
Rivers - 3
Bauchi - 3

Others are

Osun - 2
Bayelsa - 1
Akwaibom - 1

As at 11:50pm, 26th April 2020 Nigeria hhas about 1,273 confirmed cases, 239 discharged and 40 dead.

Meanwhile Imo State was earlier said to have recorded one case which was included in the NCDC report as at yesterday. But they are found missing, meaning that it was an unconfirmed case.

The case was announced yesterday by the Governor who tightened up security within the state to avoid further spread. The victim currently undergoing a second round of the test.

Source: NCDC

More cases recorded in Nigeria now totals above fifty thousand as Lagos takes the lead again following FCT sharp fall in figure now settling behind Lagos State.

Currently Imo State which has not been recording much cases records about three cases as released by the commission in charge. They also claimed to have discharged 42,816 cases so far with deaths totalling 1,051.

Many stringent measures have been put on ground to ensure that the spread is limited which ranges from closing of schools and churches alongside other measures. Election guidelines are also not exempted as some states in the country prepares to elect leaders at various level.

Again, Imo States records a fresh case of the Covid-19 according to the release of the NCDC on the 10th September 2020. I will

Nigeria recorded about 193 of the Corona cases, as released by the commission in-charge of the the disease centre.

As at 11:45pm, Nigeria records about 55,829,  discharged 43,810 with 1,075 deaths.

The State therefore, continues to record low on the cases while Lagos, Abuja continues to record more .

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