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Moise Kean To Receive Sanctions As Punishment After Disobeying Lock Down Order

Kean to be sanctioned over lock down disobedient

For throwing a party in his home, Everton player Moise Kean is set to receive a strict sanction from the club for disobeying locking down order.

Kean is said to have thrown a party in his home at Cheshire at the weekend.

The club expressed their disappointment over Kean's behavior. 

According to the club, the punishment to be melted out will not be disclosed to the public as breaches of discipline could amount to £25m signing, loosing about £100,000 wages for two weeks.

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The blues will direct the money realized from Kean's sanction to the community through the family campaign to aid those who are affected because of the lock down caused by the corona virus.

Apart from Kyle Walker and Jack Grealish forced apologies and Jose Mourinho's players training, Kean's floutig order of social distancing by the government is the most recent in the premiership.

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