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Premier League Giant Man U May Bring Back Ronaldo

Ronaldo may go back to Man U
Juventus star and former United Player Christiano Ronaldo could be considered
for signing in to the old Trafford for a second time.

Ronaldo who was a former United Player left the club for Real Madrid in 2009/2010 and now in Juventus. The Star enjoys £510,000 as a weekly wage in his present club. 

According to a European league director who said he will not be surprised if Ronaldo is re-signed in his former club.

Juventus is currently suffering a financial crisis due to the pandemic disease and cannot afford such mouth-watering offer to the giant star.

They have earlier asked their players to forfeit their four months wages due to their financial inabilities.

It was also countered that the Juve star would return back to Real Madrid.

Journalist Ballague reported that a director from a giant club had told him the move but he didn't believe it.

Speaking through youtube, Ballague said "I was told by a director from a top club in Europe: 'How about if Man United decides to go for him'.

And I said No, they are actually putting their money elsewhere, they are actually looking for a different player'.

"But he told me: 'You wouldn't be surprised. However, You would pass on that one. You would be surprised".

Reminder: Man U marks 17 years celebration in honour of Christiano Ronaldo. According to SPORF on Twitter, today 12th August, 2020 marks exactly seventeen years Manchester United sealed a contract with Juventus forward, Ronaldo under Sir Alex Ferguson.

The contract is worth 12.24 Pounds says SPORF.

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