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See what Could have Befallng this Young Man

A was heavily given a beaten of his life
You may not be told that in this period of lockdown everyone is a victim. Either as Corona victim or as a tug victim.

A man was been given a beaten of his life by some group of people simply because he was trying to make a u-turn and hit two people with his bike.

On approaching the victim who explained to the eagle source that he had done nothing to deserve the beating.

'I didn't do anything just because I was trying to make a u-turn and mistakenly hit his bike' - explained the victim

But others said he was been careless with his bike as such action would nearly have sent his victims to their early grave if they hadn't applied caution.

People do transfer their aggression to other people especially now that everyone is angry about the ugly situation in our country and the whole world.

Although it is normal in this part of our world especially amongst youths who at the slightest provocation lands a beaten on you.

Meanwhile, a different event took place at the same spot as a bus driver refuses to let go of a tout yesterday. After due consultation, the eagle source garnered that the tout was offered a token of money by the motorist but was rejected.

Narrating the story, the motorist whose name was withheld told eagle source that their biggest headache is the touts at the park. According to him, those tout guys make more money than them(motorists). He went on to urge Government to either organize the way things should go on at the park or exterminate the touting in the State and the Country at large.
See what Could have him
Several complaints have been launched against the park touts, you either settle them or they delay your movement. NURTW should be equipped and fully functional, some opined.

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