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The Importance Of Face Mask During this Global Pandemic

In addition to Social distancing, washing of hands, and generally maintaining personal hygiene during this period of the Covid-19, a face mask should also be considered.

Speaking in her dialect, a Yoruba actress Toyin Abraham made a speech on how important it is to wear a mask in combination with:

  1. Cleaning surfaces regularly with disinfectant
  2. Washing your hands regularly with soap under running water
  3. Maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters between yourself and others.
Other actors who made contributions on the need for social distancing and the wearing of face mask in their language include:

Ali Nihu;

Coronavirus is not a death sentence, early detection could help you pull through (NCDC). In an attempt to curtail and slow down the spread of the virus, the commission in charge of the country's disease control center further creates awareness to encourage the public on the need to stay safe during this pandemic period.

More actions are also to be taken on the use of facemask as outlined by the NCDC to boost public safety.


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