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Things You Must Know And Understand About Covid 19

                                Things You Must Know And Understand About Covid 19

There are a number of things to understand about this Corona virus you might have not heard. Ignorance is a disease and what you don't know you is beyond you.

The things you should know about this pandemic disease is that;

Covid-19 has not gotten a cure.Yes presently it has no cure yet as            everything is still under review, research is still on going. However many    of the symptoms can be treated if detected earlier.

it is transferred through body contact with an infected person. It is              transferred through the following medium:
Hand shake

It has killed thousands of people if not millions.Europe with the highest    number of death rate.I will show you the statistics later.
It kills both the old and young,rich and poor,black and dark. 
Can be Contracted through contacts with animals like rat.

Symptoms of the Covid 19;
Fever or cough
Difficulty in breathing
                               Maintain distance during sneezing
In order words, these are what you should do to avoid been infected.

Regularly wash your hands soap under running water. In the case of no    water make use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Avoid large crowd. Maintain a distance of 2 metres (5 feet) away from people because you can't identify who has the virus.

Always wear your masks.But before you wear the mask you should do the following:

You should wash your hands before touching your face mask.
Make sure the mask entirely covers your mouth and nose.
Replace the mask once it is wet. Do not reuse it. When removing the mask, never grab in front and take off; remove the mask from behind and discard in a closed bin; after that wash your hands properly.
                                    Wear face mask always
Do not drink bleach or disinfectants for they are only made for cleaning of surfaces.

Remember that you can get tested for this disease,if you;

Have had contact with someone with confirmed case of the virus
Live in an area where confirmed cases have been recorded.

Covid 19 cannot survive under the sun and a hot area i.e where there is too much heat. Therefore,you must not expose yourself to cold weather.

On that note I will advice both Christians and Muslims their to adhere to all the outlined instructions to avoid the spread while they exercise their faith.

Presently Nigeria has about 1,532 confirmed cases,255 recovered and    44 dead.
Globally, We have 3.17M cases, 958K recovered and 225K dead.


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