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Tragedy As A Boy Lost His Life While Swimming

A young boy has lost his life while swmming
A boy who was said to be between the ages of 12 and 14 years has lost his life while swimming in a river in Imo State.

The young boy supposedly living with his married aunt at Eziama in Imo State was said to have gone to the river to swim with his mates when the unfortunate incident took place.

According to the story narrated by a close source, the young lad got drawn because his colleagues could not help him out he was drowning.

'Yes we saw him drowning and we didn't know what to do, we ran back to alert his parents and those of the elderly but unfortunately he was gone before they could come back' - says his fellow lad

The aunt of the supposed victim was said to have put to birth barely a month and couldn't bear the pain she received such news.

The victim was yesterday brought out from the river after a certain ritual was performed to appease the goddess river allegedly known as Ogwugwu. 

The report also said that Eke Ogwugwu has been known to swallow its victim, especially during the festive period. He was laid to rest beside the river as custom demands. The victim was also said to have hailed from Anambra state.

In a similar development, a report says the river at the Federal University of Technology Owerri has taken the life of a final year student who upon finishing his exams went to the river with his friends to jubilate.

A young man of about 26 years name withheld, hails from Onuimo LGA of Imo State from the Forest and Wild Department had lost his life while celebrating his stay in FUTO at the Otammiri river.

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