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Avoid Scammers And Guide Your Account Details Says UBA To Their Customers

Corona Virus Effect

One of the leading banks in Nigeria, United Bank of Africa (UBA) have asked their customers to avoid been scammed by fraudsters in this time of lockdown due to Covid-19.

Earlier on a message was sent to Customers requesting their bank details and card information in order to receive money disbursed by the Federal Government. 

The Executive director of the bank on retail banking and payments, Mr. Nweke Chukwuma said he received news pertaining to frauds where customers are demanded of their card details and said all customers should disregard it, for there is nothing of such.

He said UBA in one way or the other will never ask you for your banking details, password, and Bank Verification Number(BVN) as such the information should be deleted immediately it comes to your phone. The information says to update your banking details and you will receive a bonus of #30 to #70 Thousand Naira. We will never do such and have not requested you to do that either so ignore.

It is interesting to note that it is not the first time Nigerians have received this time of email or SMS, in fact so many Nigerians have been scammed by giving out information pertaining to their account.

In a similar development, the Guaranteed Trust Bank creates a public awareness with regards to the ongoing internet scam on customers' accounts, especially in this COVID 19 period.

The scam alert raised by the bank is a result of the daily complaints received at the desk of the customer's care which has heightened tension amongst the general public.

The modalities outlined here are to be followed meticulously in order to mitigate the ugly trend.

Below are the guidelines as outlined by the bank:

Stay safe online even when you are observing your stay safe at home in this precarious time.

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