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UK Records More Than 20,000 Corona Deaths As Toll Rises

Uk records 20,000 deaths

The UK death toll has risen 781 in 24 hours as the number of affected victims in hospital has passed 20,000.

The number of  those who died yesterday stood at 23 after testing positive for Covid-19 in Wales with total death summing up to 20,287.

This figure only counts for those in the hospital, with the exclusion of true number of victims on high.

NHS England Medical Director Stephen Powis last month assured that death could minimized below 20,000. But as of yesterday England death toll hit 19,506 with 47 deaths in Scotland.

This comes after a song recorded by a lead singer of Gerry Marsden And The Peacemakers about NHS along with a music Video which is a new version of Liverpool FC's anthem 'You'll never walk alone'.

Several Djs and radio stations across Europe also joined in concurrently playing the song with people encouraged to play the song. This was to ease out pain in this pandemic time.

Stephen Edwards, who directed Planet Broken Blueprint said work on the song commenced but due to corona virus it was halted until now.

He also added that the purpose of the song is not to achieve a financial ends meet, but a song for the people by the people, a solidarity work. 

Marsden who was happy about the project encouraged people to sing the song during the weekly clap for carers on Thursday nights.

Source: Liverpool Echo

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