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Just In: Unrest In Imo State As Police And Army Patrols Everywhere Punish Defaulters

Imo State Lockdown Intensifies
Imo State is currently undergoing strict movement restrictions as the State Government maintains no movement from 6PM to 6AM.

The State which was included among the State with the Corona case by NCDC was later removed by the agency after confirming the case to be negative.

In some parts of the state, movement is highly restricted like Anara in Isiala Local Government, where Soldiers are deployed to make sure no one defaults.

Policemen parade around different villages to harass people while soldiers chase marketers immediately it is 6pm.

Bike men popularly known as Okada are the whistleblowers as they alert the marketers on the arrival of the soldiers with their horns.
Meanwhile, the Federal Government had earlier declared free movement from 6am to 8pm till the 4th of May when the lockdown will be completely relaxed.

Extending those of Lagos and Ogun where the Covid 19 cases are high indefinitely.

State Governors last week agreed on interstate lockdown in partnership with NCDC to combat the spread of this virus.

According to a statement by the Forum Chairman Governor Kayode of Ekiti State who said only essential services will be allowed to be transported across State boundaries.

Eaglesource news had gathered from some individuals who complained that they are the only town that has attracted the attention and presence of the security personnel without any reason and have blamed their misfortune on some individuals for their selfish interest.

"We don't understand this Government again, they should tell us what they want to achieve otherwise why the presence of soldiers who are supposed to be in barracks for a state that has no confirmed case" - Says, one Mr. Justine.

He further stressed how soldiers have been maltreating people and sometimes beating them to death.

This is no longer a war against coronavirus but a war against us as some people are allowed to move freely whereas others are caged says another from the same town - Another concluded.

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