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Chinese President Xi Jinping Says China Will Donate $2 billion Us Dollars As A Support To Covid 19 Among The Developing Countries

Chinese President Xi Jinping Says China Will Donate $2 billion Us Dollars As A Support To Covid 19 Among The Developing Countries
The Peoples Republic of China has promised to donate a huge sum of 2
billion US dollars as a support to the COVID 19 response and economic development especially in the developing world.

For the past few months, the globe has been undergoing unnatural conditions brought upon by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Whole World has been blaming China for their selfish and irresponsible acts which have brought the universe to its kneel leaving them without a solution.

This pandemic has claimed several thousand if not millions of lives without any hope of decelerating.

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Several reactions have been trailing as many believed it to be a cold war on humans by the system of biological weapons.

The President announced this at the recently concluded World Health Assembly Virtual meeting which had the 194 members of the assembly from different countries spoke on the pressing issues and also prof erred solution to COVID 19.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Government has banned the consumption of wild animals for a period of five years. Wuhan widely believed to be the origin of the COVID 19 outbreak has resumed economic activities, thereby leaving the world with the impression that China can handle every challenge without dragging afoot.

On the other hand the United States President, Donald Trump has blamed the World Health Organization and also threatened to permanently withdraw their membership and stop WHO's funding if the Organization refuses to launch probe into China.

This was done in an open letter to the Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros by the US President on WHO's refusal to launch an investigation into China for allowing the global community to be deceived, and also misguided during the early stage of the Coronavirus.

He went further to state that WHO in collaboration with the Chinese Government failed to address the World about the impending loom even when they have the opportunity to do so, either for political reasons or for their selfish interest.

More so, the President also made mention of China been praised for their effort on handling the novel virus despite their inability to provide sample tests and evidence that will lead to ending the virus.

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Sometimes a few weeks back, WHO director-general Dr. Tedros was accused of conversing with the Chinese President, an allegation he dismissed as unfounded and baseless.

It was also gathered that the People's Republic of China and the Epicenter of the virus, Wuhan, have returned back to their normal business leaving the rest of the World behind struggling.

China said it is ready to work with the rest of the World in bringing the virus to halt especially the developing world by providing them with the necessary support to enable them to beat the situation.


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