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Lockdown Day 2: Government Frowns At Zero Compliance May Reverse Order

Nigerian government may reverse order as the compliance level gets low
The Presidential Task Force (PTF) through it's Chairman Boss Mustapha
says that the government is unhappy at the level of response shown so far by the public at the ease of the lockdown.

The Federal government had on Monday declared free movement in the he whole federation including States with the highest number of Corona Virus cases.

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The Presidency through the media aides received reports about the public's compliance on the ease of lockdown. The report stated that many were not putting on their facemasks neither were they maintaining social distances.

Some of the elites have therefore called on the government to reconsider its position on the relaxation of the lockdown to avoid an escalation of the pandemic.

Lagos State which has an estimation of more than 20 million population is currently leading other states with a wide margin was yesterday let loosed from their holes, thereby endangering the lives of the state and the entire country at large.

The Lagos State Governor Sanwolu in a press release had said that only those on level 14 position and above should resume work while others should work from home.

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Meanwhile, the mysterious deaths that have been recorded in Kano recently was linked to Corona virus effect. Kano State has been experiencing a quite number of deaths including its prominent individuals. A tragedy some said to be an act of negligence from their leaders.

'We have received reports concerning the ease of lockdown and the level of response so far, I must confess the compliance is zero' says Boss Mustapha the PTF Chairman.

Nigerians have said to be known for their stubborn attitudes and low response to danger, unless their is an enforcement to such order. Some said the fault is from the government which should have provided for their citizens but have in such regards.

Nigerians cases if the pandemic have been on the rise daily, figures in which was believed to be manipulated.

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Reactions trailing on the social media is that other countries such as US and Italy have been showing the dead of the citizens believed to have died from the Corona virus while Nigeria through its agency have accounted only in figures.

So far Nigeria has recorded about 2558 cases of Covid-19.

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