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NCDC Announces New Molecular Laboratory Network As Nigeria Records 242 New Cases Of Corona Virus

NCDC Announces New Molecular Laboratory Network As Nigeria Records 242 New Cases Of Corona Virus
- Sets guidelines for private sector laboratories to be integrated in the National Covid 19 response.
A new Molecular Laboratory Network has been included in the existing ones.

A private sector lab identified as Everight Diagnostic & Laboratory Services in Imo State has been elated by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control as the 24th National Covid-19 laboratory network.

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This was made known by the agency on the 12th May 2020 as they might have met the sets guidelines rolled out by the agency.

The underlisted are the mechanism, principles and the criteria for engagement of private sector laboratories as part of National Covid 19 testing laboratory network as stated by NCDC.

Mechanism of engagement;

The mechanism of engagement will be between the state and private sector laboratory, with technical guidance and support from NCDC.

A memorandum of understanding may be signed between the state and the private sector that provides details of cost implications and operational support.

As part of its national mandate, NCDC is responsible for providing technical support to the private laboratory.

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Principles of Engagement;

All private sector laboratories should have valid registration with relevant national and state level authorities to perform testing.

All staff working within the facilities should be appropriately trained and registered with appropriate national bodies.

Private laboratories should abide by the rules of public health laboratories.

Where feasible, testing should be conducted at no cost to the patient. If private patients are charged for diagnostic tests, it should be at cost with no additional charges.

Private laboratories should agree to sign an MOU with the state health authorities while NCDC will provide overall coordination and technical support.

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Criteria for Private laboratories;

Assessment of facilities to be conducted by NCDC staff and other relevant stakeholders.

Completion of the Covid 19 laboratory assessment check list.

Participation in a Covid 19 quality assurance panel provide all required staff with PPEs and laboratory consumables required for testing.

Provide all infrastructure needs to ensure 24 - hour operations, 7 days a week.

Counsel patients about signs and symptoms of complicated Covid-19 disease and advise them to seek care through national referral systems if these symptoms develop.

NCDC Announces New Molecular Laboratory Network As Nigeria Records 242 New Cases Of Corona Virus
Meanwhile, 242 new cases of the Virus cases have been recorded in the country as at 11th May 2020 with a total of 4641 confirmed cases of the virus in the country, 902 discharged and 150 dead.

The affected states includes Lagos with a leading figure of 88,  followed by Kano - 64, Kastina - 49, Kaduna - 13, Ogun - 9, Gombe - 6, Adamawa- 4, FCT - 3 while Ondo, Oyo, Rivers, Zamfara, Borno, and Bauchi have 1 each.

With the mysterious deaths in Kano State, sources said it's been linked to Corona virus while some disputed it noting that this emanated as a result of the atrocities committed and none compliance by the residents.

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