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Obey Government Orders and Put On Your Face Masks Prelate Admonishes His Congregation

Prelate Tasked Catholics to obey Government Order

The Catholic Bishop of Okigwe Diocese in Imo State Nigeria Most Rev Dr. S.A Amatu have task his flocks and other citizens of the country not to defy government orders by not putting on masks as instructed. While admonishing the congregation on the importance of this, says that obedience helps one to conquer everything in life. Drawing his lessons from the scripture, the shepherd presented Christ as an example of Superior order obeying the inferior order, his parents.

The Prelate at the mass of one of the Congregation of the Missionary Daughters of the Divine Presence during the profession of vows of some sisters of the congregation, urged all to wear their face masks in order to help minimize the spread of the virus and also to avoid the wrath of the law.

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Meanwhile, the Federal Government will on Monday relax the lockdown which has been in effect for over three weeks now, while the Governors insists on interstates lockdown to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

The congregation situated in the Southeast of the country near the cathedral experienced the presence of a crowd during the first and final profession of vows by their four sisters despite the Covid-19 threats.

The bishop finally urged the people to pray for the country and the world especially cities that are experiencing a high mortality rate due to the pandemic ravaging the world.

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