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School Resumption Date:Federal Government Alerts Parents And Students, Warns That No Resumption Date Has Been Set Yet

School Resumption Date:Federal Government Alerts Parents And Students, Warns That No Resumption Date Has Been Set Yet
The Federal Government have reacted to what it called false information
over school date resumption.

This was made known through the honorable Minister of education Mr. Adamu Adamu who claimed that such news is baseless and should not be trusted.

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The Minister who made this known through his media aid mentioned that no resumption date has been fixed yet, as such parents and students 

should debunk such rumor owing to the fact that no reasonable authority will take such risk of exposing their young ones to such danger.

He added that at this point in time Nigerians are to expect unfounded and deceptive information due to non-confirmation from most bloggers and publishers before disseminating that to the general public.

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However, Mr. Adamu Adamu promised that as soon as the COVID-19 saga eases down, the Federal Government will take the decision of resuming 

academic activities, as this will be done in the interest of the masses with caution.

The purported news read that the Federal Government have set the resumption date of school to be on 1 June and that all students of 

Universities and Federal Polytechnics should retire to their respective institutions for academic activities including the basics.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has reiterated its earlier stand on Church and Mosque closure, giving reasons for the continuous closure. It 

says that large gatherings could easily initiate the spread and advise all 

Nigerians to be law-abiding as Government is doing it's best to curtail the situation to avoid widespread.

The CAN and its Muslim counterparts have tasked the faithful to adhere to the outlined instructions by the Government as an enabling environment will be created soonest for churches to resume its normal activities.

Many Nigerians have been blowing hot especially top Pastors and calling on Government to reconsider its position on Church ban. According to 

reports, the Pastors blame the Government for market, bank, restaurant, and other Government activities resumption while ordering the closure of Churches and Mosques.

The Federal Government had on 4th May 2020 declared the ease of lockdown, issuing out modalities about the daily activities and also warning that defaulters will be made to face the full wrath of the law.

On this note, the authorities have tasked the citizens to comply with various health agencies and also to report any case of the virus around them.

In addition to a face mask and social distancing, the agency in charge of the collaboration of the health agencies have cautioned Nigerians on self 

medication, living on false news other than relying on the news from the relevant authorities, and other unnecessary attractions that could mar the efforts of the Government to curtail the virus.

Coronavirus has continued its campaign as it's showing no sign of deceleration as some countries continuously record high on the number of the infected per day.

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According to statistics, Nigeria being the largest populated country in Africa and the most populous blacks in the world is now recording above 

7000 cases of the virus with the figure set to increase in the future if no measures are put on the ground.

Despite the efforts of the NCDC, the country continues to experience high surgeon figures, questions are also rising on whether the cases are not inflated by the aforementioned agency.

On the business activities, several stakeholders are now holding talks with the government on how to salvage the situation on the ground and to also seek a way forward to the ravaging situation.

The government while pleading with its citizen to exercise patience, highlighted that the various modalities on how to manage the current 
situation should not be abused, citing the need for the keeping of the status quo in order to emerge victorious in the end.

On this note the Government has announced no resumption of school, church as this they said, will pose a high risk on the country's fight against the novel Coronavirus.

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Going by the recently concluded meeting by the World Health Assemblyassumptions were made on when the situation will douse, experts say 

that this will take much time as the disease is unpredictable because of its nonexistence nature before.


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