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Two New Molecular Laboratory Network Added To The Existing 26th National Laboratory Announced NCDC

Ogun And Kastina States Receives New Molecular Laboratory Network Says NCDC
As the country continues in her fight against COVID 19, the agency in 

charge of the country's disease control NCDC steps up it's struggling to 

end the worst pandemic ever witnessed by including two new laboratories to the existing ones.

The agency announced this in the early hours of the day through it's 

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tweeter handle, stating that it has activated two new labs for inclusion in the NCDC Molecular Laboratory Network.

NCDC on 12th May 2020 detailed guidelines for the private-sector laboratory to be integrated in the national COVID 19 response.

See Mechanisms, Principles and the Criteria for engagement of Private Sector Laboratories as part of National COVID 19 testing laboratory network as stated by NCDC

Earlier today, NCDC released the daily situation report for 25th May, 

2020 which provides a summary of the epidemiological situation and response activities in Nigeria.

Have any sign or symptom of the corona, visit the toll-free lines in the six geopolitical zones and get in touch with the state health representatives in your state to get tested and your sample collected.

Meanwhile, NCDC has warned that the symptoms of malaria and that of 

COVID 19 could also be related, and further advised that immediate tests should be carried out as delay might result or tantamount to death.

They further warned on self-medication as this would lead to several complications, stating that the best practice is to contact a professional or 

visit a nearby laboratory center for sample collection and drug administering.

In line with the Government directives, the agency has also updated the guidelines for the ease of lockdown.

precautionary measures to prevent the widespread of the virus by 

drafting sets of guidelines for the public.

While showing continuous efforts in combating the pandemic disease, the Government also expressed concern over what it called noncompliance on the part of the citizens.

This was observed by Boss Mustapha, Chairman of the Presidential Task Force while been interviewed, laid claims that even on the first day of 

easing of lockdown, most Nigerians neglected the social distancing and 

the use of face mask thereby jeopardizing the efforts of that of Government and the agency in charge.

The guidelines as observed by the Government is not to inconvenience anyone, but to ensure the security and welfare of lives as a responsible authority.

According to the statement on their tweeter platform, strict adherence and compliance on the information provided by them should be followed duly.

The agency in its furtherance fight against the deadly virus trained some 
military personnel which includes Medical Lab, Engineering and Kitchen 

staff from 7 States which are: Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo, Kwara, Edo, and of course Oyo.

Due to the increased number of cases recorded on a daily basis, they warned that all hands should on a desk to curtail the spread.

They reiterated that all states will be incorporated in order to fully 

automate the Molecular Laboratory Network with the exercise held which focuses on the downfall of COVID 19.

Its next main objective in the training is to increase surveillance, case 

report. IPC and case management according to the agency.

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