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US President Donald Trump Picks On The Media Calls CNN Fake

Trump says CNN is fake
When it comes to being controversial, President has never seized to make wave and amaze one as he picks on the media about the fake report on Michael Flynn's case.

In a tweet, Trump praised Fox news for covering OBAMAGATE and also went on to call CNN Fake.

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"OBAMAGATE" described
 by Trump as the greatest political crime in American history.

According to a media reporter who asked Trump to explain the meaning of his statement about it being the greatest political crime in the history of Americans.

Trump said in a reply "It's a disgrace that it happened". He went on to say that in his own perception on the released information, it is just the beginning.

The whole saga is centered on Michael Flynn who was said to have conversed with a Russian official during the election which saw Trump being declared winner.

OBAMAGATE is also described as a conspiracy theory.

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The US President has made several reference to OBAMAGATE in his tweet, something that critics have described as distractions from the real deal on ground which is the Corona virus case and how he is managing the case as many lives in America has been lost and millions infected.

Michael Flynn was said to be Trump's first national security adviser. He has been accused of speaking with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislynk and has also pleaded guity on two occasions for lying to the FBI.

In his speech, the President mentioned that Michael Flynn was unmasked by Obama's allies to undermine his campaign and also to frame him up.

Obama's allies accused Russia as joining forces with Trump by helping him Clinche victory in 2016 election. On other hand  Trump claimed that the unmasking was to spy on his campaign.

Reasons for Unmasking
The idea behind the unmasking is that intelligence units can request for the citizens name to be unmasked during investigation to discover the real owner of the voice and the name.

 This was said to have being used severally by Trump's administration to unmasking thousands of names till date.

Flynn's unmasking came as a result of Obama and his allies listening to a conversation during the election and requested for the unmasking which led to his (Flynn's) voice being detected and decided to look into the conversation.

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Meanwhile the conspiracy theory has it that Flynn was seen in a meeting with Obama, Joe Biden and other top officials.

But Obama has refuted such claims, saying there was no time any meeting which had Flynn's present was done.

Also he said that no meeting was done to undermine Trump.

Another conspiracy theory came up after Flynn's lawyer undercovered another secret about FBI trying to subject Flynn to lie.

They also feared about the secret been discovered by the white house which the presumed will be furious with them on coming to its knowledge.

With this Trump and his allies have capitalized on this and have been making it as a story for the past few weeks.

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Further, Obama expressed his worries over the Department of Justice for concurring to grant Flynn Pardon.

Something he described as an interference from the political class. He was heard in a private conversation about the Justice Department trying to spare Flynn. Report also has it that Trump pleaded on his behalf.

He also described it as unprecedented.

According to him, "Our rule of law is at danger and could accommodate such idea in the future.

Obama went further in his conversation to describe Trump's handling of the Corona virus as a disaster.

On the allegations about orchestrating the and sponsoring of investigation on Flynn's case by Obama, he is yet to give any reply.

Trump who saw these allegations as treason, said if he was to be a Democrat instead of a Republican that many people would have gotten jail terms.

Which he was literally referring to Obama, Joe Biden and his allies.

Meanwhile, Trump has mocked CNN saying they were mimicking Fox news by increasing his vote by 10 points.

Trump mentioned this in one of his tweets on 17th August, 2020. Trump lately has been picking on one of the largest network media in the world by calling them fake.

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