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Excitement As American Navy Veteran, Michael White Regains Freedom After Being Held Hostage In Iran

Michael White regains freedom in Iran
The President and the entire people of America, with unalloyed joy has 
welcomed back to the Country Michael White who was held hostage in Iran for the past two years.

Earlier, Trump announced the arrival of the Veteran Navy on his tweeter handle. 

In his statement, he sounded very excited getting off the phone 

with the former American hostage Michael White, who was released from 

Iran and would shortly arrive home on a plane after being released.

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In a further statement, the President dedicated his release to the Country, 

stating that since his resumption in office as the American 

President, several Americans held hostage has been released.

While applauding Iran for honoring their deal, urged them to make a better a deal with his administration. Trump who sounded hopeful, said

the deal should come before election since he will emerge victorious come November.

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Michael White expressed his gratitude to the President for his unflinching support and also for negotiating his 

release from Iran. "I want to thank President Donald Trump for helping to free me" He said— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 5, 2020

Meanwhile, the American Veteran confirmed he contracted Covid 19 while in hostage, during his welcome 

interview by Fox News media, says he is doing fine and getting quick recovery.

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He was convicted and got imprisoned on the account of insulting an Iranian Supreme Leader over social media.

For the past two years, White was held by the Iranian Government, until Switzerland recently negotiated his release.

White's mother also expressed her joy, according to her, "the nightmares are over and my Son is back and reunited to 
us." She went further to thank the US and Swiss Government for making this to be a success.

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According to a medical report, the Navy Veteran had suffered cancer before and 

now faced with Corona Virus and he is doing pretty well.

Meanwhile a top Iranian Official has blamed the US for the abuse of human rights, especially following the recent racial abuse of the blacks in the Country.

In response to Iran's Official speech, the US blamed them on sponsoring terrorism and trampling on the rights of their Citizens.

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