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How To Effectively Remove Pests From Your Farm Without The Use Of Pesticide

How To Effectively Remove Pests From Your Farm Without The Use Of Pesticide
For commercial and subsistence farmers all over the world, this article
might go a long way by helping you save cost and also let you improve on the style of your farming.

The most effective and sure way of removing pest such as caterpillar in the farm is by physically locating the caterpillar in the shoot of the maize.

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Caterpillar is one of the most dangerous pests that attacks farm and its surrounded produce.

It has the capacity to bring ones farm to its kneel within a short period of time.

The use of pesticide is mechanized thereby rendering other means of 
fighting pests irrelevant.

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Several pests exists, but the full focus is on caterpillar which specializes mostly on terminating planted maize.

Pests are crop destroyers, farm products which are neglected are dealt with by these pests.

How To Effectively Remove Pests From Your Farm Without The Use Of Pesticide
Neglecting farm products after planting without proper or close monitoring leaves them at the mercy of the pests, so pay close attention to your farm and its contents to avoid yielding negative results afterwards.

Watch the video below which will Enhance Your Knowledge on the efficiency of hand removal of pests.

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Both mechanized and traditional removal of pests are all relevant depending on your choice, and both yields positive results.

Commercial farming involves a lot, the cost, time, and energy put together and that's why few indulge in it.

Another form of constraint farmers face especially those who wants to upgrade to commercial farming is non access to funds or loans from the government.

Government through relevant authorities and the bank of agriculture should make loans accessible to those who wants to engage in the commercial farming, without prejudice.

Agriculture drives economy and adds weight to a Country's GDP, and that's why it's been included in the yearly budget. For that reason extreme carefulness is needed in handling it's affairs.

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Don't forget that we are discussing on how to manually remove unwanted or foreign agents from the farm in order to save cost. Only for those who cannot afford the mechanized means.

Pesticides does not guaranteed 100 percent result. Very shocking right?
There is a probability that when applying the pesticides, it does not penetrate deeply into the shoot.

This local method does not give full guaranteed either, but I guessed it's more assured than the former.

There may exist other means or method, depending on the type of invader(s) that one encounters.

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