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Impact Of Covid 19: Assessment Of The Good, Bad, And The Ugly

Assessing the impact of Covid-19
Covid 19 has left an indelible mark in the world, halting economic activities among st several Countries. Schools, Mosques, and Churches are all
shutdown with no consensus reached on resumption. Guidelines and conditions issued out on the operation of market, banks, some offices, transportation, even funeral rites.

The whole world have tasted the full vigor of the pandemic, both those with the best medical kits and those with none.

Statistics recently released about America's Covid 19 cases showed that it is something beyond medical control.

According to World Health Organization, other diseases have cure, but Covid 19 has no cure yet, despite all the resources and synergy put together in research by some advanced Countries.

The world is  like a ship without a rudder only waiting by chance to land safely.

Much emphasis will be laid on its impact in Nigeria:

Assessing the current situation happening in the Country now, reports shows that the Government needs  to step up their game while carrying everyone along.

On the positive aspect, the Government in collaboration with the agency in charge of disease control have in their ability responded to the situation by deploying human expertise, technological and other available means to avoid the wide spread of the disease.

International bodies are also donating help to some under developed countries, which ranges from medical kits, huge sum of money and sometimes the presence of medical experts to manage the situation.

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Nigeria has developed a total number of more than 30 molecular laboratory network across the Country, partnering with private laboratories in order to carry out Covid 19 tests. Following suit was the interstate lock down, curfew placed in all the nooks and crannies of the states, except those on special errand from the Government.

Despite all the efforts deployed by the Government, the Country is still recording high figures of cases per day. With the increasing number of cases, deaths everyday. This gradually launch us into the negative aspects of the impact created by the virus.

Does it imply that all the means deployed by the Government are not yielding anything meaningful?. Experts warn that Government should prepare  for the outcome of this disease as the Country will experience hike in crime.

Even a Police report shows that there will be increase in the rate of crime. Today, we are witnessing those predictions made by these experts.

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Those crimes include; breaking of homes, ritual killings, rape which is the subject matter of the day, home violence, to mention but a few.

Currently, the rate at which rape is increasing is very alarming, both raping of the minor and the adults. Recently a gang of 12 men raped a girl below the age of 18 to death. And several other rape cases both the identified and unidentified.

In another development, the impact of Covid 19 has left the Country with the death of an undergraduate, who was purportedly killed while studying in the Church premises and so many other cases that are hidden.

The analysis is on the impact created so far in the Country, its effect on the masses and the panacea.

Despite Government's efforts in ensuring that no citizen looses his or her job, recent statistics have shown decline in the number of jobs both in the private sector and public sector. Reason being that Private firms cannot afford to pay its workers less they run into deficit and go bankrupt because no incoming profit.

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Recently, the Country's apex bank mandated commercial banks not to relieve it's workers of their duties, in order to avoid high rate of job lost in this period of Covid 19. Does that mean there will be no job lost?, definitely there will be. Is the Country's GDP affected, yes. Every Country is feeling its weight, but no hope is lost yet. Strategies should be put in place, by different Countries according to their abilities to curtail the pandemic and reduce job deflation.

In addition to other measures put in place by the Government, individuals should do well to halt misinformation which gives room to panic. Above all government should ensure that relevant and appropriate information is disseminated from there part through the agencies in charge.

Guidelines given by the Government should be followed strictly so that effective results will be achieved as Switzerland did. Non compliance to these rules could lead to prolongation of the virus stay which will continue to affect economy and the well being of mankind.

Lessons to be drawn from this period include;

Synergy co-operation among-st regions of the World should made a priority.

The World and government at all levels should be prepared to embrace distasters by constantly funding it's distaster management agencies to avoid being swept unawares.

Every individual should also accept the fact that we are into this pandemic, and until a cure is found, no one is safe. Therefore efforts should be made to stay safe until a solution is found.

Above all, observe social distancing, the use of nose masks should not be neglected, observe high level of hygiene  at home and in different place of work.

Finally, do not engage in self medications, assumptions can send one to an early grave.

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