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Nigerians In Ivory Coast Faces Eviction Following Deadly Floods In The City

Nigerians In Ivory Coast Faces Eviction Following Deadly Floods In The City
Nigerians residing in Ivory Coast raises alarm as flood continues it's
devastation in some parts of the Country.

According to one Mr. Okwute, who decried that it has been a three weeks rain with nonstop, imploring all Nigerians to intervene on their behalf through prayers. His words, "My Good People of Nigeria, look at what rain is doing to Us in Cote D' Ivoire, Ivory Coast, for three weeks now rain falling here from night till morning and from morning till night. This one you are seeing now is the one that happened yesterday night. Please remember us in your prayers"

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He went further to state that cars were turned upside down with cases of more than 35 people missing.

Nigerians In Ivory Coast Faces Eviction Following Deadly Floods In The City
Picture showing how many sought refuge at the roof of a building as the flood continues its campaign against the residents.

Meanwhile, the forecast has shown that more rain-related cases are expected to hit the towns especially the affected areas. According to local media, a city like Anyama in the Northern part of the country has witnessed at least 16 deaths, many missing. It is the worst rain recorded in the history of the town, since late June.

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More reports and warnings are coming from the SODEXAM, the Ivory Coast meteorological office, stating two cities in Abidjan, Cocody, and Abobo with high records of disaster in the last three weeks.

In addition to SODEXAM, joint efforts were made by the Police and firefighters to search for missing bodies, results from the search showed that about 35 were rescued with many yet to ascertain their whereabouts.

Economic activities in these mentioned cities remained stalled as roads and houses were damaged extremely by the ravaging flood.

Protest disembarked
In another development, following the recent declaration by Ivory Coast's President to run for a third term in office, the citizens have embarked on a planned protest although was halted by mobile Policemen.

Ivorian President, Alassane Ouattara Ado, has declared his intentions to run for another tenure which sparked protests amongst different groups in the Country. According to a source, President Ouattara has been urged by opposition party's to concentrate on making the Country a better place rather than seeking extra tenure.

Although the protest was no a weighty one, awareness had thus been created. Analysts have also revealed that more protests could be on the way and this may not be stopped by the government.

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