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Trump Withdraws Troops From The White House Against Protesters As Normalcy Is Restored

Trump Withdraws Troops From The White House
The US guards sent to secure the Washington D.C amidst the protest
going on in the White House has been dismissed to their various base.

Recall that for the past few days now, American streets has been hit with protest against racism which led to the death of Floyd Weather.

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What seemed to be a peaceful protests at the White House, turned out to be bloody as troops were invited to scare away protesters and also stop them from attacking the President and the White house.

The guards admitted to have used rubber gun and tear gas on the protesters. This has also attracted global criticisms as the blames are now been apportioned to the President for engaging them with troops instead of dialogue.

According to Trump in a tweet, assured that sanity has returned to the D.C, and normalcy restored as he claimed to have everything under control and also warned that he would recall them if there be any need.

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Report has it that the large crowd outside the D.C were looting and destroying property.

Trump has blamed Mayor Bowser for been incompetent and for allowing the protesters to take over the entire city. "If the National Guard, the Police and other security agencies were not deployed to have things under control, the city would have been like Minneapolis" he noted.

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Meanwhile in a recent development, Trump has received 96% approval rate from his party,
 Republican. This must have come after the May greatest job created under his administration, Trump revealed.

He went further, stating that America's economy is bouncing to its usual position as the greatest and the best US has ever had and boasted that he will do it again.

Experts earlier predicted a fall in the Country's economy by 26%, but the assumptions were all proved wrong after the assessment.

No one expects their economy will receive a major boom, as the Country is still battling with Corona virus.

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