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Muslim Cleric Calls On The Arrest And Resignation Of President Buhari

Arrest Buhari now - Imam of Peace
A call has been made by a prominent Muslim cleric named Imam of Peace on the arrest of the Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari. The Cleric who made this call on social media on Saturday 25th, July 2020, said the killings in the Northern part, Kaduna precisely must be stopped.

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"He shouldn't resign. He should be arrested and dragged into the back of Police Van and be locked up. This corrupt person freed thousands of Boko Haram Terrorists because they "repented." They are now massacring Christians" he fumed.

Several reports has been received on the ongoing massacre in the Southern part of the Country which has generated reactions both locally and internationally. The Cleric also accused the President of sponsoring Fulani herdsmen in addition to the release of the repented Boko Haram  Jihadists who claimed they have repented.

Trending on the top list on tweeter, eminent Nigerians and opposition party PDP has called for the arrest and immediate resignation of General Buhari. The Peoples Democratic Party accused the President of negligence, says he abandoned Nigeria and left for peace keeping in Mali.

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President Buhari earlier yesterday set off to Mali for a peace keeping mission. The political unrest in Mali has hit up and has attracted the attention of the international body especially ECOWAS. Been briefed by the former President, Goodluck Jonathan, on the political situation in Mali, the President requested briefing from Niger head of State as the Chairman of the Commission.

According to one IPOB Elohani on tweeter, who gave the photos of women on the media standing naked to protest against the killings in the State. It has been alleged that these killings by the mindless Jihadists are centered on Christians in Kaduna. Kaduna State is made up of 80 percent Christians and as such targeted to such degree.

Report however showed that the integrated Boko Haram Extremists where yesterday on rampage killing thousands and many injured. A popular musician by name Joel Amadi, said his parents and cousins were maimed in the ongoing campaign by the members of the Islamic sect. 

Therefore, several conclusions has been drawn on why the President despite the security threats in the Country would leave for another Country for a peace mission.

Nigerian's security has been jeopardized, sitting on a keg of gun powder waiting to explode. At least six hundred extremists were hosted at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. In his speech the President noted that their reunion into the Country is a welcome development and must be applauded. He therefore warned them not to sabotage the efforts of the Federal Government in ensuring lasting solution to the Country's security upheaval.

"You are all welcome to the Country's fold, I assure you of the Country's support. Henceforth you are pronounced a full fledged Nigerian. My Government is working hard towards the safety of every Nigerian citizen and must not be sabotaged."

More calls across the Country and in diaspora are on with regards to the resignation of the President as well as his arrests. 

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