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Death Of An 18 Year Old Boy Killed In A Crash Not Caused By Truck Driver - Army Personnel's

The death of an 18 year old boy minor- says army personnels
The tragic incident that took place on the 15th July 2020, has left many in utmost misery as an 18 year old boy was crushed to death💀 by a truck
driver. The tragedy which occurred along Owerri - Okigwe Expressway claimed one life and the other fatally injured before 6pm on Friday.

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According to the report gathered from a reliable source, the victims one identified as Chimaobi and his mechanic were heading to Amaraku when they met with the misfortune. Facts garnered from the scene indicated that the truck driver did not default, a conclusion arrived at by two army personnel's who condoned off the scene after receiving an immediate alert from a commercial cyclist in connection with the accident.

Though the truck driver along side his colleagues have spentdays in the Police cell pending when the issues are resolved and burial arrangement  completed.  Information revealed they were released to Police by the Army Officers at the checkpoint along side their truck.

An eye witness who was at the accident scene told eaglesouecenews that the boys head was crushed beyond recognition. However, he was identified by his dad who could only recognise his wears and the mechanic who was also involved in the incident.

While trying to maneuver through a pot hole, coupled with high speed saw him collide against the truck unknowingly. The colleague whose arms and legs were paralysed, got quick medical attention, and was finally rushed to the nearby hospital.

Many who knew the deceased 18 year old guy, were all shocked and tributes paid to him while expressing their "deepest sympathies" towards his family.
He was described as the best among his siblings, tagged the nicest by his peers and friends. Rumour has it that he barely finished his apprenticeship weeks before the cold hand of death caught him.

Jude Collins said on social media: "You left us without words Chimaobi, so speechless right now"

Emma Lambert said: "The nicest guy I have met in my entire life, so industrious, death why are you so cruel"

Chisom Onyema: "Gone forever, can't see you any longer"

In a similar event, Wednesday 22nd July witnessed another accident caused by a tanker with a faulty break. Though no life was lost, the vehicles damaged irreparably, which resulted to many sustaining heavy injuries.

The unfortunate incident took place around Abajah junction. It was also garnered that the tanker drivers disappeared into thin air leaving no trace, when sorted after by some angry youths.

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Government are hereby called upon by the town residents to fix the entire road leading to Okigwe as the road network is described as a death trap or death zone especially Amaraku town.

A man who wished to remain unanimous said: "We hereby beckon on government both State and Federal to come to our rescue. You can see how bad the road is, especially this Abajah - Amaraku road and the entire Okigwe road.

"They should hearken to our voice and fix this road for us, we have suffered enough" he told eaglesouecenews.

Meanwhile, the ugly occurrence took place at 4pm in the dusk, where those who sustained various degrees of injuries were about 18 passengers, imminently attended to by the team of medics.

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