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Drama As A Woman Carts Away With Her Son In-law's Bicycle In A Pool House

Mother In-law Carts Away With His Son's In-law Bicycle
It was a dramatic day in the town of Umuduruogbeagu in Onuimo Local Government Area of Imo State, on the 18th July 2020, as a man named Emmanuel Ojii almost suffered mental incapacitation in a pool house.

A woman later identified as the mother in-law to Mr Emmanuel carted away with his bicycle unnoticeably while he buried his head in the game.

The old woman in her late 60s was said to have traveled all through her home down to the in-laws house, took her daughter to the hospital for delivery and made her way back in search of her in-law, only to find out that his uncaring son in-law had left to his normal base, the pool house. She got infuriated, cited his bicycle and disappeared.

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He was however perplexed and went into utter confusion upon realizing that his bicycle had gone missing. Narrating his ordeal to neighbors who knew him and his style of life, but was laughed over.

Recounting how she was alerted by someone close to the daughter, the woman noted that her daughter's pregnancy had almost hit delivery stage, but got no assistance not even from my useless and pool freak in-law she mocked.

In her words: I have already informed other members of his family on his inordinate behaviour towards my daughter, that's why I created that scene.

"I have also equally informed the eldest in the family, and he gave me full support and even told me not to let him know about the bicycles whereabouts, until he provides the entire hospital bill".

It was also learnt from a reliable source that the woman wanted to exchange the bicycle with money to enable her pay the daughters hospital bill.

Emmanuel also nicknamed Igbo made engages in Palm wine business while the wife is involved in Petty trading. According to an unanimous friend, he neither supports his wife in her business, nor does he ever aid in the children's school fees. He only knows about himself and pool.

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It was also gathered that his wife delivered of a bouncing baby boy, being their fifth child. Emma is also claimed to have an uncle who ordinarily exhibits no indifference especially towards the lads and the partner. Report shows that his uncle took him to the city, but took to his heels back after been unable to stand the pressure there.

After much pleadings from the in-laws to release the bicycle on their behalf to enable him reduce stress brought by health challenges, which she granted them but attached with conditions that her son in-law should be called to order.

Unfaithful Wife Sends Parking By Her Husband
Similarly, a man whose name was given as Oguguo state withheld, had sent his partner packing after an unnecessary argument sparked and escalated to fighting each other. Oguguo who gave reasons why he sent her packing said: "She deserves not to be around me, I made sure I provided all that is necessary for her luxury, but all she crave for is free hands to do all she wanted.

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"That I refuted, accompanied with her siblings to my house only to pound me like a yam" he claimed.

He also laid claim that his wife is seeing another man, but has denied it when confronted.

Early Monday 20, July 2020, saw the couple part ways after hitting hard on each other. With none able to meddle into their affairs. Oguguo, a mechanic recounted his ordeal in the hands of his in-laws at the slightest provocation. He therefore maintained that if by any mishap his wife wants to make her way back home, she will make a serious vow witnessed by a native doctor and the elders.

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