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Magu's Corruption Case, Hunter Becoming The Hunted

Magu now Hunted for Corruption
It is no longer a news about the corruption charges laid against the acting EFCC Chairman, Lawal Magu.

The acting EFCC boss was indicted by the Attorney General of the Federation for allegedly selling a recovered assets and the money diverted into an unknown account. He was arrested by the DSS on his way to a Force meeting at the Headquarter, though this claim was refuted by the commission as false.

Panel of inquiries has been set up to investigate the case while he backs down on the President's instructions.He has been appearing before the presidential panel from detention by the DSS.

Magu assumed the position of the acting Chairman of the commission six years ago under President Buhari's directive.

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One of President Buhari's agenda during electioneering campaign was a fight against corruption, which he also reiterated during his second term campaign.

On assuming office as the President of Nigeria, the President purportedly declared his assests followed by his Vice, Prof Yemi Osibanjo and the host of his Ministers.

According to most media report, in a bid to tackle corruption bedeviling the Country, the President has recovered some funds, assets both local and broad belonging to some Ministers under the past administration.

Questions are arising concerning President Buhari's fight against corruption as only few such as the opposition Party are being ducked. Are there SACRED COWS?. Why is the corruption fight channeled one side, why not both sides. Well, too many questions with just one answer, if you can't beat them you join them.

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This monster called corruption is as old as mankind, but the extent to which we have allowed it cut deep into our bone marrow, shows how irredeemable we are tending.

Nigeria has been fluctuating and dangling within the range of 144-146 in the Corruption Perception Index Statistics released by Transparency International on Wikipedia.

Out of 180 Countries, we are in the 146th position currently. With the recent corruption saga in every nook and cranny, we may like witness a sudden paradigm shift in position.

We have basic and classic looting. Looting a public fund is basic, while re looting a recovered loot is classic.

Magu's case is a classic looting, re looting a recovery loot. This reminds of an old adage, Dogs that ate the bones hung around it's neck.

Apart from the current suspension handed down to him, stringent punishment in accordance with the provision of the law should be melted out to him if found guilty at the end of the ongoing investigation, and equally be made a public spectacle.

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According to in a statement attributed to Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity.

"Those who see Mr. Magu's investigation as a signal that the fight against corruption is failing, have unfortunately, missed the boat.

"There is no better indication that the fight is real and active than the will to investigate allegations in an open and transparent manner against those who have been charged to be custodians of this very system.

"Under this President and Government, this is our mantra and guiding principle. There are no sacred cows, and for those who think they have a halo over their heads, their days are also numbered.

"Mr Magu was not immune - and regardless of the obvious embarrassment that potential acts of wrongdoing by him, given the office he held, may appear for the government.

"No other administration in the history of Nigeria would have moved to bring into the light and public domain such an allegation" he concluded..

Fight against corruption should not only be done in writing, Condemn and Condone. Nor be swept under the carpet as usual regardless of whose ox is missing, rather it should be backed with action.

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As cited by PDP, Magu's atrocities should not be tiled and cemented as done previously, but be treated with utmost trust.

Earlier on, the major opposition party PDP has urged the Presidency to display transparency in this case, stressing that Nigerians and the entire International Community are keenly watching and monitoring the development to see the end result.

The war against corruption should not involve witch haunting or targeting a certain entities, rather should indulge every Dick and Tom with no prejudice.

However, in order to achieve an eminent result in the fight against corruption, especially in the area of recovered loots either by the anti graft agencies or those charged with the responsibility by the President.

Individuals with high recommendable reputation should be called to this service, no matter the Political affiliation, tribe and so many other hindering factors, and be entrusted with care the recovered loots for proper accountability.

Before his appointment as EFCC Chairman, Magu served as a Police Officer and was preceded by Ibrahim Lamorde. As he is being ordered to step aside pending when the panel is through with their investigation, courtesy demand that absent of external interference should be duly observed.

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