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Man Declared Wanted For Using His Cousin As A Collateral

Man Declared Wanted For Using His Cousin As A Collateral
A Pakistani based man has been declared wanted by his kinsmen for incessantly using his Cousin brother for collateral.

The man whose name was given as Andrew Okwudili Mosiah, hails from Umudim in Akwukwu, Idemili Local Government Area in Anambra State.

According to one Igbo news media, his Pakistan partners involved in the shady deal exposed his conversation with them.

It was alleged that the said Andrew Okwudili was owing his Pakistani drug smugglers an unidentified sum of money, which they claimed he would provide.

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Things took a new turn when his brother as a collateral was rejected by the Pakistans', hence his secrets blown.

However, no formal information was given on the actual amount of his debt before his sudden disappearance.

Similarly, a man whose nomenclature was identified as Azubuike residing in the United States, has premeditately killed his wife.

Report showed a conversation with an emergency officer, revealing how he murdered his wife out of frustration after forcefully demanding a cheque of certain amount from her.

Man Declared Wanted For Using His Cousin As A Collateral
Consequently, he further revealed that the supposed wife turned his Children against him, assumed position as the man of the house simply because she works as a nice with handsome pay.

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His words "I brought you over to the State, your People begged me to marry you but I refused. I latter accepted, trained you as nurse and now you refused to reciprocate that gesture. You turned our Children against me, refused Ikechukwu entry to the house, and assumed position as the man of the house. And you think you can go Scot free, Amaka you are a witch. So Azubuike this is how you ended your life" he yelled.

In a continued interaction with the woman officer, he threatened to commit suicide if they smell his building.

Finally, having extensively tracked his location, which he opted out to reveal in response, a team of Police officers allegedly found their way to his surrounding.

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