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Security/Safety Tips You Might Not Want To Miss Daily

Security/Safety Tips You Might Ignore But Are Very Essential For Daily Success
Security is of utmost priority to every living thing and as well to non living. 
But most times we do not take cognizance of the the importance of been
secured, either by negligence or due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding us.

These tips if been practiced daily will become part of you, for a habit once formed cannot be easily let go.


1. Quit Dozing Off In Public Transport

Do not sleep in a vehicle either going to work or travelling. Reports have shown that 90% of those who travel or board a public transport do sleep before getting to their final destinations. Did you know that 80% of that statistics loose their valuables like money, hand bags, wallets and so on which they never recover and will never recover. Much emphasis will be laid on this, why because this occurs not occasionally but daily. While the other 10% are lucky and by Providence recover theirs.

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Don't board a vehicle pondering on whole of your family problems. Nature has it that every individual, whether poor or rich must encounter one form of problem or the other. It all depends on the type and magnitude of your problem. That should never leave you pondering on it to the extent of abandoning your valuables in the vehicle. In fact that will ruin you the more, leave you more devastated than you were before.

Try and be in the best state of your mind before and after boarding the 

Security/Safety Tips You Might Ignore But Are Very Essential For Daily Success

2. Giving Attention to the Unknown

Do not stop to answer or give attention to someone you never met before, especially on the street with much crowd. You can be robbed or get killed by some bad guys. A lot is happening right now, many techniques have been implored by these guys to trap their victims and you know the outcome. 

3. Responding To A High Way Distraction

While plying on the highway, do not stop when an object like egg, stone,

sachet water and every other objects lands on your windscreen. It can be used to attract your attention. It is a very powerful technique used by these bad guys to trap their victims on the highway. Security reports have shown that most robbery incidents occur in this manner.

4. Wrangling Words With Security Operatives

Never exchange words with the security personnel's, allow them carry out their duties. But be careful because some of them might used against you, by dropping a suspicious object either in your boot or anywhere inside your vehicle. A story was told of how a woman was stopped by the highway patrol team, she was busy arguing with them when one of them went behind the boot and dropped a gun. You see, if she was not busy arguing them, she would have known when they committed such act. Guess what?, she was lucky because the was investigated and she was found not guilty.

Security/Safety Tips You Might Ignore But Are Very Essential For Daily Success

5. Avoid Crowded Areas

Most terrorists utilize crowded areas to carry out their heinous act. Desist from joining the crowd to argue at a newspaper stand, especially where such cases/incidents has been recorded before.

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6. Be Health Wise

I consider this number the most essential part of this article. Some are so carefree that they forget to care about there well being. How fit are you for the day's task. Did you run a check on yourself before jumping out of your abode, or you just zoom you are off. Life is more precious than every other tasks put together. Before you exit from your house in search of the day's pasture, ensure that you are medically, psychologically, and spiritually sound, otherwise don't because you heading towards suicide.
We have numerous reports of people slumping to death on a daily basis. Due to negligence, such individuals broke down and gave up. The people in this category are people with an existing health challenges like High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Heart attacks and other major health related cases. Your job will be replaced with another person if you  are gone, but will your life be replaced with another? and the answer is simply hell no. So why rush when you know you are irreplaceable. 

7. Run A Check On Your Vehicle

Another tip which should be put consideration is this. While traveling, either as a private car owner or public driver, run a total check on your vehicle and you will be amazed on your discovery. Avoid engine knock, overheat, change worn-out tyres, repair your lights in case of night journey. In addition to this, minimize your speed level,

8. Be careful With Explosives

Gas Explosion is very dangerous and should be out rightly averted. Losses that arises due to gas explosions are innumerable. Therefore, all leakages should be monitored appropriately and closely, then repair instantaneously. Nonchalant behavior should not be exhibited at the gas station, damages incurred from there are irreparable. Daily check up on your home gas is considered security wise, you discover easily any fault and avert danger forehand.

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9. Exposition Of Vital Security Details

Security/Safety Tips You Might Ignore But Are Very Essential For Daily Success

Avoid exposing your pin, password, patterns, account details to unknown
people who impersonates as your financial operators. Contact your banking institution immediately you receive any information regarding
your account. Clicking on any link requesting for your bank verification number is suicidal and can ruin you. Scammers during this period of Covid 19 have ruined so many lives. Here is the fact, government is not giving out any money, even when they do, they request for your account details from your bank. Do not be deceived by any link claiming to be from government.


These tips are somewhat a reminder, and should be observed closely to avoid regrets. Observe your environment, pay closer attention to your health, especially in this period of Covid 19. Avoid Unguided utterances which might truncate peaceful coexistence. Also remember your helmet for bike riders.

Above all, Covid 19 is real, avoid doubts, maintain social distancing, wear face mask, and go for a test immediately you notice any symptom.

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