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The Despicable State Of Nekede/Ihiagwa Road in 2020

The Deplorable State Of Nekede/Ihiagwa Road
The road that connects two higher institutions in Imo State is gradually becoming a dungeon if no action is deployed by the State Government in a short time.

Does the government realize how pitiful it will be if that is not fixed within
a short period?. Government primary responsibilities are provisions of basic amenities which include the good hospital for the good health of her citizens, building of pipe-borne water, 24/7 electricity.

Protection of lives and property, payment of wages, salaries, gratuities and pensions, provision of good road networks for effective business transactions. Good roads are also beneficial for both individuals and the government because it aids in economic growth either within or outside the state.

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The revenue generated from transportation is remitted into the purse of the ministry of transportation which is been controlled by a minister who in returned is answerable to the state government or the federal government.

So, if this generates income for the government, why then would they turn a blind eye to such an income-generating source, leaving it in a very deplorable state such as this. Not only this road but using it as a case study.

Apart from the economic and revenue benefits accruing from it, what of the distractions businesses within that axis will be encountering when hit by rain?. The leaders don't seem to fathom the pains the populates go through in these areas that have poor roads.

In 2016/2017, students from the Federal University of Technology Owerri went on protests over the state of the road led by the SUG President of FUTO, Comr. Ezenwa Francis. The administration of the former governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha accepted to fix it. Though he did, the structure was not standardized thereby leading to its collapse.

Ihedioha in 2019, after he was sworn in pleaded for the support of the federal government in repairing the road. He made this appeal during the Convocation ceremony of the Federal University of Owerri in November 2019. According to him, it is the full responsibility of the federal government to put the road in order, because it connects and leads to two Federal institutions, Fed Polytechnic and FUTO.

According to a media source, the former governor had promised to fix the road during his campaign as it cannot be neglected or relegated because it was a federal road with two universities. His words: "The Nekede/Ihiagwa Road has become a nightmare to the people of Owerri West and indeed, Imolites. It’s as if no government can fix it. I understand the road is a Federal Government road but that’s not a reason to allow our people to suffer.

The Deplorable State Of Nekede/Ihiagwa Road
When I become Governor, I will ensure that I get the relevant Federal Government agencies to immediately fix the road. I know how these agencies operate and know how to get them to work for our people. The road linking our two federal institutions defines who we are to a lot of people and we can’t afford to neglect it." he affirmed.

His administration before he was removed from office by the decision of the Supreme Court in January 2020, had signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Contractors. The road construction commenced immediately without much time-wasting as early as December, beginning with the construction of gutters.

The present administration of Sen. Hope Uzodinma should continue with the same pace at which the preceding administration headed the project. Considering the untold hardship the entire motorists and the pedestrians will be undergoing during this rainy period, the government of the day should liaise with the construction company to get the job done as soon as possible.

Return the smiles on the faces of the residents of these areas and save the economic activities from heading into perdition. Nekede/Ihiagwa also accommodates a Police Station as well as a Police Children School. It has hotels, shops, markets including the daily and weekly markets. The Government should learn to act on such issues rather than paying deaf ears to their predicaments.

In the same vein, the road that leads to Comprehensive Secondary School in Amakohia, Uratta in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State seeks the attention of the government. A project started and abandoned by the administration of Owelle Anayo Okorocha. The road has a connection with Orji Mechanic Village, Rochas house and Rapour hotel, state police hospital, Secretariat, and summer suite hotel. 

Decrying over the state of the road, the residents lamented that the government contributed to its worst condition. According to an eye witness who wishes to remain unanimous told eaglesourcenews about the road, said: "The government of Rochas Okorocha would have left this road the way it was before, instead of destroying the road to this extent and leaving it undone.

"Ok, imagine that an Army officer failed inside that gutter unknowingly and would even be gotten drowned because there is the presence of canals there. He destroyed the canals with tractors, maybe because he failed to pay them, the abandoned the road and took off. 

Now, look at the way we are now, without access to a good road. Most people park their cars outside the road to trek back home, because you dare not drive-in otherwise you get stuck and go in for it" he said.

Eaglesourcenews also noticed that Gov. Hope Uzodinma paid an august visit to that road especially the Ota mmiri bridge that leads to Obinze. Individuals and groups, therefore, call on the state governor to respond on this clarion call to end the menace bewildering the roads in the state as soon as possible.

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