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US President Trump Sympathizes With John Lewis's Family, Calls Him A Hero

US President Trump Sympathizes With John Lewis's Family

The death of the US Congress man, John Lewis has hit the White house following the recent message to his family by President Trump.

John Robert Lewis, a civil right activist who passed on, on the 17th July,

2020, was diagnosed with cancer which he has battled with after a long period.

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Until his death, he was the 5th congressman representative from the state of Georgia and a US Democrat. Having served from 1987 to 2020 as a politician, he was also heavily involved in the fight against human right violation as well as peace resolution,

In the year 1991, according to wikipedia, the embattled and dogged Lewis served as a Chief Deputy Whip and later in 2003 became the Senior Chief Deputy Whip till his death at 80.

Extending his hearth felt condolence to the family of the deceased, Trump expressed his unhappy mood over the American born civil rights activist and politician's death . "Saddened to hear the news of civil rights hero John Lewis passing. Melania and I send our prayers to he and his family" he said.

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 Meanwhile, Dr Tedros Ghebreyus, WHO Director in a statement attributed to the former US house member, maintained that life must be held firm with hope and optimism. In his appraisal dedicated to the dead, described him as a freedom fighter who fought for the equality of all in a non violent way.

John's birth came at the time when white's segregation against the blacks was at its highest peak. Born on Feb. 21, 1940, in the city of Troy, Alabama. According to history, he was the third child of his parents out of ten. Lewis experienced several attacks and from the whites which made him engage in freedom fighting during Martin Luther's time.

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On many occasions, he had rough and mean encounter while trying to excuse himself at the whites comfort room. Jailed on different events, Lewis in persistent pursued the course of peace in a non violent way, organized movements while he was a student at the American baptist Theological seminary situated in Nashville with a Bachelor's degree in religion.

More of his history, early childhood, academic, political, and family will be found at Wikipedia. In an effort to bring to an end to the racial violence, he equally chaired the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

On July 7, 2020, Robert Lewis through his tweeter handle, released a funny picture of his about fifty nine years back when he came out of the prison after being held for utilizing the white's lavatory.

Lewis will be missed by Americans especially the blacks, after several years of fight, negotiations, demonstrations and defense in the fight against equity and fairness in their favor. Though the segregation still lingers, such as the case of black lives matters which saw the death of Floyd Weather, it longer operates in the same momentum as compared with the last decades when the blacks could not sit in the bus with the whites.

  • In a similar development, President Trump today 1st September 2020 sent his condolences to the Indian government over the death of their former leader. 

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