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WWE Celebrates 5 Years Of Women Evolution Tagged The Bump

The bump celebration in the WWE
Women Evolution show today 15th July 2020, featured some of the former WWE women champions who have trailed and made names in
the industry.

A remarkable event that reminds women of their importance and value in the WWE. Celebrating their five years of being relevant in the industry, which also serves as an encouragement to those aspiring to become athletes especially in the industry.

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The show was announced earlier by the WWE organizers in honor of women who have made the industry proud. Superstars who grazed the bump show include Katty Kelle, Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix, Steph McMahon among others.

According to McMahon expressing her opinion about women's role and contributions towards the growth of the industry.

"When you see women in these roles, you then know it's something you can aspire to be," she said.

She also maintained that female folks ought to see themselves in the Superstars.

 We’re celebrating 5 years of the #WomensEvolution with a special 2-hour edition of #WWETheBump, featuring:

The Bella's twin, on their pregnancy outfit equally shared their experiences and moments in the industry.

5 Years bump celebration in WWE industry
With other athletes on the two hours live show tagged the bump, different views, and memories recalled. It was so thrilling and electrifying as past matches are being replaced by the anchors for each superstar on the arena.

According to Betty Phoenix's statement on the live show via her Twitter platform, said her body outlook made her realize her potentials in her career as a superstar.

Another female athlete, Ms. Charllote at the bump said she wants to be remembered for her roles especially her breakdance display.

In her words "I want to be known for my work ethic and breaking down doors for women in a male-dominated

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