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Analyst Tasked Buhari To Implore The Aid Of Witches And Wizard Against Insurgency

Analyst Tasked Buhari To Implore Witches And Wizards
Amidst the insecurity and upheavals in the country especially in the Northern region, President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged by a political analyst by name Don to include the Witches and Wizards in the African Continent to dowse the challenges.

According to newsfeed, Alhaji AbdulRahoof Bello is a Political scientist and also a retired University Lecturer. He reminded the President that since the Orthodox methodology proves inefficient and ineffective, hence the unorthodox should be implored.

In an interview session with newsmen on Monday, Don maintained that the President ought to harken to the pleas of individuals with fresh ideas on how this menace could be resolved. Insisting that the Orthodox method by Muslims and Christians yielded no outcome.

Newsfeed also reported how the retired academic giant quoted (Q:105:1-5) where Allah (SWA) rebuked the hordes of charger flying birds (Taeran Ababeela), each with a pebble, to flatten the rebellion of the elephant people who had attempted to demolish the house of Allah.

His further observation pinpointing how Allah deployed Taeran Habaabeel feeli, showcased the strategies used in modern witchcraft practice.

He, therefore, alerted the President on the need to beef up the security system of the nation in a bid to protect the lives, property, and landmark and equally avert the killings, murdering, kidnapping, rituals perpetrated by the members of the insurgents across the country.

While concluding that such security threats if not addressed by Mr. President, provides an opportunity for the opposition to campaign against him.

Meanwhile, the recent press release by the defense headquarters showed troops of operation whirl stroke neutralizes an unspecified number of bandits in Tashan Kare, Niger State.

DHQ reported in a statement said armed bandits attack at Tashan Kare, in Niger State. Troops swiftly mobilized to the scene and made contact with the bandits. The gallant troops engaged the armed bandits with superior firepower killing unspecified numbers while others fled in disarray into the bushes.

Sadly own troops suffered 3 casualties while 2 others were wounded in action. Exploitation is ongoing. Details to follow.

In a similar development, another press statement was released by the DHQs where scores of the terrorists where dispersed by the operation lafiya dole in lake chad, sambisa forest areas of Borno State.

"The Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation LAFIYA DOLE has neutralized scores of terrorists and destroyed their hideouts and logistics structures at Tumbuma Baba and Boboshe in Borno State. This was achieved in airstrikes executed yesterday, 16 August 2020, on the first day of missions of a new subsidiary Operation codenamed “HAIL STORM”, which is an air interdiction operation aimed at taking out identified Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) and Boko Haram Terrorists’ (BHTs’) targets in the Lake Chad and Sambisa Forest areas of Borno State.

"The attack at Tumbuma Baba, one of the Island settlements on the fringes of the Lake Chad, was carried out after Human Intelligence (HUMINT) reports indicated that several ISWAP fighters and some of their leaders were harbored in some structures concealed under the thick vegetation of the area. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jets dispatched by the ATF to attack the location scored devastating hits on the settlement, killing several of the terrorists and destroying their structures.

"Several terrorists were similarly neutralized and some of their dwellings destroyed at Boboshe, a village along the river line on the Eastern part of the Sambisa Forest, as the NAF jets took turns in engaging the location," DHQs said.

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