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Edo State Election: Why Obaseki May Loose Or Win

Why Obaseki May Loose or Win
Have you ever imagined or wondered the aftermath of Edo State Governorship election in September as campaign
kicks off, count down in just few weeks.

Edo is one of the few States everyone admire, especially their cultural heritage. The State has one of the most respected Monarch with an oustanding and memorable edifice.

The Political tension has heightened, with the opposition parties throwing in their weight to ensure they emerge victorious at the forthcoming election.

Governor Godwin Obaseki, a former member All Progressive Congress, and currently the Governorship flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party. He defected from APC to PDP on 6th of June 2020, as the former party denied him of ticket for a second term.

He was accused of providing fake and incomplete WAEC Certificate which is against the rules guiding the party as stated in the Provision Act. Further allegations revealed that he failed to comply with the Party's State Chieftains and never agrees with them on issues.

Before his defection to PDP, the Governor announced that he met with the President, but never disclosed the outcome of the visit. His journey to PDP so far has been weighty, but his victory at the polls remains uncertain.

From his recent endorsement by the Oba of Benin and his Cabinet members to the endorsement by the Edo Youths Association are all great. But remember that the crowd can and will disappoint and disappear in a lightening.

That he has mammoth and enormous supporters during campaign, does not guarantee his victory, in some cases reverse is the case. Some may have come around to partake in the sharing of food items, money and the rest, then disappear into thin air, never to been seen any more.

If crowd is the panecea, Good luck Jonathan would have won in 2015. He polled an unlimited crowd during his campaign, only to emerge second position after the election. Jonathan was not the cause, after all he left a legacy and he is currently serving as UN ambassador for peace.

Being good as an individual does not guarantee you success in the political environment, rather tact fullness does. Obaseki might have delivered wonderfully, according to records gathered from a media source

but not an assurance that he will clinch victory come September 17. Don't forget he is in a battle ground with the ruling party, they have much upper hand.

Opinion seekers and Analysts have opined meticulously that in an environment such as ours which discourages or does not support a level playing ground for the common man, elites, academia's, technocrats, rather it encourages godfatherism. Hence, more  tactics should be implored so as to maneuver the big guys to scale through.

Obaseki might have performed incredibly well as report has it, due to the corrupt nature of the system we find ourselves into, he might outrightly loose out. Yes, sounds crazy right? but that's just the point. If he decides to embrace the former, surprisingly he will be welcomed back and eventually offered his initial state, yea, not valid any longer as a result of how far he has gone with the later.

Rather than resorting to the politics of blame and name calling, pointing of accusing fingers and other Political bigotry, more attention should be diverted or channelled to a resourceful winning format. He should also focus on building strong confidence as well reassuring his subjects of his continuos sagacity in moving the State forward.

An additional green light is having his party's stakeholders rally round him. In the likes of Rivers State Governor, Nyesome Wike, Arthur Okowa of Delta State, PDP 2019 Presidentially flag bearer, Alhaji Atiku Abukakar and so on.

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