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Herdsmen Gaining More Ground In The South East - Catholic Priest

Herdsmen Gaining More Ground
The Catholic Priest of St Paul's in Isiala Mbano LGA Imo State had decried the presence of the herdsmen in the Eastern part of the country as a threat to the region. Although they have been around for a very long time, but the manner in which they are encroaching and destroying farm crops are very alarming Fr Cajetan noticed.

He maintained that if nothing is been done about this attitude of bringing cows into people's compound by these herdsmen especially in their farms, the outcome might end in disaster. Citing how other regions are now suffering in the hands of these men due to early neglects by the people there.

According to his narration, the herdsmen went as far as rearing their cattle close to his church kitchen before they were forcefully bundled out alongside their cattle with the help of workers in the compound.

"About a week ago, I was checking out, suddenly I heard a noise at the backyard. I quickly sort for other priests and the workers around to come and witness with their eyes. Initially, they resisted, but because we outnumbered them, they were forcefully evicted out of the compound." he said.

Recall that sometime last two years ago, they invaded a town in Enugu State and maimed every soul in that surrounding. According to report, several other places have been recked havoc with the government doing little or nothing about it except advocating for grazing land for cattle named RUGA.

Moreso, the clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the Zadawa community of Bauchi State were sparked by the invasion of the Fulani's into the community's farm land which led to the suspension of the Emir of Bisau.

Northern and Southern Kaduna is also witnessing the same upheaval and unrest due to the menace of herdsmen and Bokoharam in the region. The killing and destruction of property have been on the increase. Last month July, a Muslim Cleric named Imam of Peace called on the resignation of President as he has failed to address the serial killings, especially in the North.

The Imam further accused the President of playing adamant about the State of insecurity and radicalism going on in the country without any effort to calm the situation. He said instead of settling the crisis in his country, he left for Mali to mediate and maintain peace in the ECOWAS region due to political unrest.

Herdsmen Gaining More Ground
Several questions have been raised as to what the work of these cattle rearers. Some said they are acting as spies surveying every nook and cranny of the country. While others opined that they are setting plans to Islam Nigeria. Whatever their purpose might be, the government should provide adequate security for her citizens irrespective of the region and religion. 

Analysts said that Nigeria is like a ship been navigated by weak sailors, which can sink at any given time if no tangible solution is proffered. 

Arewa Youth Forum went on protests against same insecurity in the Northern State. The Youths in their hundreds accompanied by security personnels to ensure peace and order while protests was ongoing, highlighted the threats faced by the Northerners and called on government to rise up to the challenges by providing maximum security in the region.

Christians in the North however, have been advised not to relent and solely depend on government, but defend themselves by forming vigilant groups instead of folding their hands and watch these terrorist kill them incessantly. Some villagers in the North are on the run while others have been butchered to death by these heartless individuals whose sole aim is yet to be revealed.

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