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Popular Young Artiste To Die By Hanging

Artiste To Die By Hanging
In Kano State, a popular Muslim artiste known as Yahaya Sharif-Aminu is to die by hanging following his recent blasphemy against Prophet Muhammed.

The popular musician last week had made a video that went viral on social media according to a news report.

In a report filed and endorsed by the Kano State Governor, Sen. Umar Ganduje. The 22-year artiste who reportedly resides in Kano Municipal violated Sharia's Penal Code Law 2000 according to section 382 (b).

Presiding over the case was Justice Khadi Aliyu Muhammad of the Sharia Court who upon finding him guilty, ordered his detention in order to be hanged.

Speaking at the Statehouse with three leaders of Islamic sects: Izalah, Tijjaniyya, and Kadiriyya, also joining the meeting was the State's Commissioner of Police, DSS, CAN Representatives, NBA Representatives, and Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria.

The Islamic sects alongside the Governor hailed the Court's decision against the artiste in what the termed as a note of warning to those who would derail in such act.

"What the Court did is absolutely right. And we support it completely. Such kind of irresponsible act, if mot because of the state power, nobody could know what would have happened in the future.

"The man who did that (blasphemy) confessed to being a follower of a particular Islamic Sect. But the adherents of the sect rejected him right away. So, we need to understand the importance of this judgment. We are lucky that scholars maintained that it wasn't a case for a particular Sect, but rather of one who just decided to derail.

"The state government has accepted the death sentence verdict and the rule of law surrounding the case. I will not waste time in signing the warrant for the execution of the man who blasphemed our Holy Prophet of Islam," The Governor replied.

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However, Ganduje emphatically declared that the accused has at least 30 days to appeal according to the Federal law who gave the accused power to appeal before conviction. Failure to do so before the expiration of the giving date would have me, Governor of Kano State, sign his hanging.

Expressing his gratitude to all groups in the country for maintaining peace all through the course of court sittings, also upheld that strict compliance will be observed all through. The further report claimed that no lawyer has volunteered to stand in for the accused.

"If the victim fails to take the case to the appellant court, I will not hesitate to give the approval for the execution. I will not take more than few minutes to accept the verdict," he concluded.


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