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Lionel Messi Unlikely to appear at Barcelona's Training Session on Monday

Lionel Messi Unlikely to appear at Barcelona's Training
The embattled Barcelona forward Lionel Messi may likely miss tomorrow's training session amidst his recent interest to bow out of the club according to the report from the club's top media.

Last week generated millions of reactions across the globe as the Argentine International announced his exit from the Camp Nou.

This call came as Barcelona failed to clinch victory at the UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich as they were decimated 2-8 by the German side.

In another report from a trusted source, Messi's father alongside his agent could be making headway to the club in order to aid facilitate his son's transfer issues.

Several predictions about his stay at the club have been made by different news reporters, while many noted that the club's playmaker could be exiting the club after his former manager was sacked.

Quique Setien was shown the door after they suffered 2-8 shameful defeat, which according to history was unheard of for decades as they fail to qualify in this year's champions league contest.

Regarding his contract termination request, Goal reported that Barcelona would only hand him the transfer letter if a 'release clause' is paid to the club by any bidder.

An official statement on La Liga's website reads: "With regard to the various interpretations (some of which are contradictory) published by a number of media outlets in recent days in relation to the contractual situation surrounding FC Barcelona player Lionel Andrés Messi, after having studied his contract with the club, La Liga considers it appropriate to clarify matters.

                              Lionel Messi Unlikely to appear at Barcelona's Training
"The contract is currently in force and features a release clause to be applied in the event that Lionel Andres Messi should decide to activate the early unilateral termination of the contract.

"In line with the regulations and procedures that apply in such instances, La Liga shall not proceed with the release required for the player to be deregistered from the Spanish Football Federation unless the aforementioned clause has been paid."

The media outlet also stated that about 700 million pounds were proposed as the released clause by the La Liga except stated otherwise by the governing body. The goal also reported that Messi could be leaving Barca for Manchester City to reunite with Pep at the Etihad, no surprise though.

Skysports also reported that through an interview session by Reuters with Gerald Pique, he revealed how Barcelona had reached the 'rock bottom' thus awaiting changes in anticipation. Gerald revealed that if the changes introduced affect him, he will not object.

"If new blood needs to come for the club to change course then I'm not untouchable and I'll be the first to leave if needs be because it seems as if we've hit rock bottom.

 "We all have to reflect on what is the best thing for the club and for Barca." sky sports reported.

Barca could undergo a major reform if the current President steps down. The question is, will he resign? and where do you think the reform would start with?. The staff or the players?.

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Meanwhile, report reaching us this afternoon according to (BBC Sports), has confirmed the Argentine forward Lionel Messi to have concluded a three season contract with Manchester City. 

This took place after his father held one on one meeting with Barca President Maria Bartomeo in effect with his stay at Camp Nou. His contract worth £623m(Sky sports) will see him move to MLS Newyork City at the expiration of his contract at Etihad.

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