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More Troubles For Mailafiya As He Has Been Asked To Name Bokoharam Sponsors

Mailafiya In Trouble Asked To Call BH Sponsors
Allegations laid against the Northern State Governors on the killings in the North have taken a new tone as evidence is been demanded with immediate effect.

The former Central Bank Deputy Governor, Obadiah Malafiya, had alleged that Northern Governors has been behind the Islamic Sects unruly attack in the region.

Malafiya was on Wednesday engaged in an interview with a Radio station in Lagos State, were insisted that the menace of the Bokoharam terrorist group has the backbone of some leaders in the North.

Describing the allegations as grievous, the Northern Governors forum feedback debunked Malafiya's claim, tagging it as false. They also called for a serious investigation into the case.

According to in a statement made by the Chairman NGF, Lalong said, "We, as Northen governors, have met severally to discuss insecurity in the region and the nation at large where we did not only condemn the activities of terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, Bandits, and other criminals but also engaged the President and all heads of security in finding solutions to the problem.

“To now say that one of our members is leading Boko Haram is a serious allegation that cannot be swept under the carpet. We demand an immediate and thorough investigation.”

Some of the allegations include Moving of ammunition by the members of the Sect, Regular transporting of cash, Noncompliance to movement restrictions during the lockdown as most of the terrorists were seen perambulating the streets.

He, however, revealed that through his intelligence network, Southern States would be the next object of target by 2022.

Finally, the retired deputy central bank governor reiterated his support for Nigeria. In his statement, "I can die for the peace of Nigeria" he said.

Recent killings in the North over few months now is on the rise, ranging from burning of houses, murdering of helpless men and women, children inclusive by the Fulani Herdsmen.

Eaglesourcenews also reported that members of Arewa Youth Forum sometime ago embarked on a protest against the killings and insecurity in the Northern Country.

The security situation in the Country especially in the North, have generated much reactions with the recent call made by a Muslim Cleric on the resignation of President Buhari. The Cleric known as identified by name Imam of Peace, accused the President of freeing members of the sect who claimed they have repented.

I Hope Mailafiya survives this.

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