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Michael Flynn Case: Department Of Justice Accepts Violation Of Protocols, Says Sen Lee

Michael Flynn Case: Department Of Justice Accepts Violation Of Protocols
The United States Senator representing Utah says the US Justice Department has accepted its violation of protocols into the Michael Flynn's case. 

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He made this known during an interview session with the Department of Justice representative who revealed to Mike Lee that the wanted to make sure everything was done rightly with regards to the case.

The whole saga is centered on Michael Flynn who was said to have conversed with a Russian official during the 2016 election.

Recall, Michael Flynn was said to be Trump's first national security adviser. He has been accused of speaking with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislynk and has also pleaded guilty on two occasions for lying to the FBI.

Referring to Mrs Kate, the former deputy attorney general about equality in Trump's and Obama's administration. Sen Lee asked Mrs. Sally Yates if an Official in Trump's administration from the Department of Justice's standpoint would get the same treatment as they would to that of Obama.

"We make that determination when I was insistent to make sure that Trump's administration was not treated differently from that of Obama" she nodded in affirmation.

Though, according to the report, the whole scenario was to undermine Trump's victory at the last polls. All efforts by Obama to conspire against Trump which was undercovered by Flynn's lawyer with FBI trying to subject Flynn to lie in secret was void.

General Flynn's voice was unmasked in a conversation with the Russian Ambassador which prompted his investigation which was requested by Obama and other top officials. The unmasking was introduced by Trump's administration to enable the unmasking of thousands of names.

However, the Department of Justice granted Flynn pardon after the US President pleaded on his behalf which triggered suspicion, and turn attracted political criticism, especially from the Democrats.

In a continued interview with the former Attorney General who admitted that the White House was unnotified during an investigation conducted on Michael Flynn which resulted in the bridging of a protocol that defies a normal protocol.

In addition to that, findings also revealed that Flynn was framed so as get him fired, but Mrs. Yates claimed it was difficult to have noticed any irregularities by the FBI.

President Trump through his tweets accused Sally of knowing everything, yet went ahead to sign the carter page, calling her incompetent and labelling the action as a political crime of the century. Trump also laid claims that Obama spied n his campaign which amounts to treason.

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