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These Things Slow Down Your Phone's Speed, Check Out

These Things Slow Down your phone
The major reason behind your phone slowing down is nothing but several days, months, and years of uncleaned cache memory. Although there are other factors involved in the phone's speed retardation.

What is Cache Memory?
According to Wikipedia's definition, a cache is a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation or a copy of data stored elsewhere.

In a lay man's language, a cache is a storage space that lets you store data temporarily which also helps or aids your device browser or app to run faster when carrying out any operation on your phone.

How does it affect your phone's speed and performance?
It is unfortunate that quite a number of individuals are unaware of the existence of this word(cache) and where exactly it is located. When you download movies, music, photos, apps, and several other things downloadable, you fill up your memory space.

Where is the cache found?
It is found on your phone app.
Go to phone settings, you will see Apps and Notifications depending on the type of phone you are dealing with. This directive works better for those with an android phone. Although, it might be somewhere similar to those of other phones like Samsung, iPhone, and co.

Once you tap on Apps and Notifications, it will take you to something like this;
These Things Slow Down Your Phone
Now you see all these lying up here are apps including others that are hiding due to space. Go to any of these apps say chrome browser, for instance, tap on it and you will land on this page below;
Go to the storage, there you will meet something like manage space and clear cache. Click on clear cache and boom your memory is freed. Now do this for other apps on your android and other phones as the case may be.
These Things Slow Down Your Phone

Another one is your RAM

What is RAM and where can I find it on my phone?

Random Access Memory is the storage that houses data. Depending on the size of your phone's RAM, the bigger the size, the higher the speed of your device, and the smaller the RAM, the lower the speed of your phone. So you see, the size of your RAM affects the performance of your phone also. Check your RAM level always and keep it cleaned in order to enjoy your phone freely without any hinge.

To access your RAM on android, go to same settings, scroll to storage

These Things Slow Down Your Phone
Click on storage and you will see;

These Things Slow Down Your Phone
Then tap on RAM and it will automatically clean itself from any trash. Moreso, your internal shared memory could also be another contributing factor that militates against speed on your phone gadgets. Clear its trash by tapping on it, the end result looks this way;

These Things Slow Down Your Phone
Though there are other things to aid level up the speed of your phone to ensure high optimization. I hope my little contribution will go a long way in bringing your phone to its default performance.

Incase our solution is very bulky, you can download this app "Files Go" as suggested by androidpolice for a quick solution.

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