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WAEC Candidates Decry Hike In 2020 Runs

WAEC Candidates Bemoans
The West African Examination Council kick-started examination on Monday 17th August 2020 for those at the exit class. According to the report, WAEC mandated all the West African countries including Nigeria to enable them to schedule next year's exam appropriately.

WAEC had earlier suspended the annual exam indefinitely due to the recent outbreak, thereby avoiding the spread which may arise from the

virus. This suspension has not only affected the calendar which serves as a guide to the body but has affected the students' preparation which may result in poor output.

But why the hike in 2020 exam runs? can every parent afford this? even as the economy has skyrocketed into a quagmire. Authorities are to launch an investigation into such allegation to checkmate exam malpractice thus protecting the interest of the candidates.

Year after year, help is been provided for the exit class candidates as a means of boosting their grade performance. This is believed to be an old aged tradition and cannot be relegated to the background. Some candidates prior to the examination, either make provision for the paper runs themselves or task parents.

Amazingly, most parents who do not see any wrong in the paper signing system search wide for their lads in order to provide the best platform to ensure success. With the invention of miracle centers, most candidates want to record high either by hook or crook unlike years back when exams especially this, were taken with utmost priority.

Nowadays, what we witness are exam candidates who not only copy already prepared solutions by the so-called machinery but at the same spot copy, other students sit number and exam number due to lack of preparations.

As the saying goes, he who fails to plan plans to fail. Even supervisors sent by the government to abate the situation aids in aggravating and intensifying it by accepting tokens from the schools they visited. Statistics have shown that about 10 percent reject this offer while 90 percent hugs the idea.

This trend not only reduced the reading desire amongst the candidates but has brought moral decadence in the society which cannot be remedied in years to come. Mathematics was their first paper, a report from a trusted source told eagle source that a paper goes for 1.5k.

Did you say 1.5k? he nodded in affirmation. Wow, what happens to the rest of the papers, he kept silent. That was uncalled for, someone chipped in. Now that technology has taken a new tone, solutions to questions are being sent via this means which is inordinate. Someone said he overheard a conversation between two students, one told the other to charge her phone to full against the next day exam instead of charging her brain.

What could be proffered as the panacea to this? The principal actors involved are Candidates, Parents, School authorities, and finally the government.

Candidates who have failed to acknowledge the importance of hard work and early preparation with regards to such exams should be allowed to face the consequences that may arise during the course of the exam. Such lackadaisical attitude has been put up by these lads should be minimized if not entirely stopped so as to save the society at the same vein their future.

WAEC Candidates Bemoans
On the other hand, parents should play their parental role by encouraging and imbibing reading behavior in their lads. Catch them young should be the motto of every parent and guidance, not neglect. Interestingly, thousands of graduates flood the labor market yearly, for some, they are been regarded as half baked who cannot even defend the so-called certificate.

Even the holy book says train up a child in a way he/she would go, so as not to depart from it when he/she grows old. It is very obvious that parents have much work to do but play adamancy when it comes to this issue.

School authorities act as a middleman between parents and the government. It is said that whatever instruction issued out by school authorities is what students act on. Therefore, maximum effort should be contributed to enhancing the academic performance of these candidates.

How will they do this, by thoroughly and sincerely preparing these lads for any examination instead of requiring malpractice fee aka sign which will later boomerang on them in the nearest future? Unserious students should be disciplined instead of being cuddled so as to serve as an example to others.

Finally, the government should take drastic action in ending this menace which has bedeviled the system for a long time. Vibrant and trustworthy manpower should be deployed by the Federal and State government to make sure that things do not go wrong during such a period.

Government authorities especially ministries of education in charge should train individuals in this regard. However, anyone found guilty of receiving a bribe from either school or candidates should be permanently dismissed. Our education system needs urgent attention, and the Government at the Federal and State level should not hesitate to Wade in proactively.

Knowledge which is meant to be power as the slogan goes is now trampled upon. Students are hereby encouraged to look beyond the extrinsic and get intrinsic. Radio and television shows should be utilized and channeled towards the child's education and not the other way round.

I dare you as an exam candidate to prepare ahead of time. Be exceptional for once, yes you can. I bet you, you won't waste any dime signing your question paper and you won't be penalized. Finally, WAEC should stringently fish out copying work with the aid of a plagiarism checker.