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Alert! Avoid Doing These At The Bar If You Value Your Life

Alert! Avoid Doing These Things
Do you know you could be easily trapped at the restaurant or bar layout for those who go out on a chill with friends on Weekends or ordinary days depending on one's schedule?. A life they say has no duplicate.

The crux of the matter is that no one knows when or how one's life will end. So you got to be careful about who you mingle out with or call your friend. Someone you call your friend might turn to be your worst enemy and vice versa.

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Even your own flesh and blood could turn to be your enemy, yes it's real on the planet earth. How would you describe the scenario where one's sibling wants to terminate their life over something like a land dispute or family property.

Quit henceforth leaving your drink with people around to go pee only to come back and pick the same drink and start consuming again.

A contract was concluded by two engineers with full cash payment. Unknowning to the other, his fellow had evil intentions for him. Right at the bar, he was poisoned to death. When quizzed, report says he was unhappy about the amount of money on the other account.

Yesterday, at Okwele in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo State, a man nicknamed pussy cat was alleged to have bribed someone to kill his brother with poison at the bar.

Alert! Avoid Doing These Things
The mission was foiled thanks to the guy he was persuaded to carry out such a dastardly act on his brother over a family dispute. To prove the fact, he called the brother of the guy who was sending him on such an errand, Agbara, to quickly rush down to the named bar. On reaching there, he asked the guy to repeat exactly what he had told him to do, filled with shame he was unable to do that.

Therefore, he was implicated and now he is cooling off behind the bar. Your partner whom you trust so well could easily connive or use those you trust so well to eliminate you, simply because you acted carelessly.

Never, leave open your drink even while you are alone at the bar house to either answer a call or pee. The same thing applicable to food, never leave open your food in a crowded environment only to come back to finish it up. You could discard the food and walk away.

Statistics have shown that a good number of lives have been wasted through this means. If you are addicted to this particular habit, you have got to put an end to it. You may think you don't have an enemy or enemies, but just remember in the midst of the twelve, there must be Judas.

Avoid unnecessary clubbing, you could become an object of target especially if you are excelling more than them. Finally, keep your mouth shut while at the restaurant or bar. Secrets are revealed at these points, and you wouldn't know when you do that may be out of intoxication state.

Stop revealing how you had carnal knowledge of your partner, to avoid been mocked with it tomorrow. Again, never allow yourself to be an object of ridicule. Above all, stay safe and watch your environment, mingle with the right people with the right mindset.

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