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Warning! Avoid Combining these two drugs, they are very dangerous to your health

Avoid Combining these two drugs
Ignorance they say is a disease. What you do not know or understand ask questions.

Combination of these two tablets Paracetamol and Pro-cold. it contains Paracetamol, thus should not be taken together with the parent drug.

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I nearly passed out last night after consuming both drugs, said Chinedu who hails from Umuezike Anara in Imo State.

Sharing his experience on Monday 7th September 2020, said he visited a local pharmacist after a mild headache and catarrh experience. He was given a full tablet of the pro-cold drug in coupled with Paracetamol.

"I was not given directives on how to take the drugs, so I swallowed the four tablets with two Paracetamol on an empty stomach.

"This happened in the night and my mother could do less because she taught I was going to die but luckily for me I survived the awful experience." He said

Drug abuse ranges from; taking extra drugs beyond the experts prescription, taking drugs without their prior directives and prescription from them.

World Health Organization in one of her summit had warned that more die daily on self medication, therefore advised all to abide by the doctors instructions.

On a similar note, the use of soft drinks to consume drugs are highly prohibited. Soft drinks has gas which destroys your kidney and weakens your cells. Experts warn that too much consumption of soft drinks containing Aspartame retards the brain through slow metabolic process.

Further more, check the expiration of any drug before inserting that in your mouth, to avoid complicated health occurrence which leads to death.

A woman shared her experience of how she never checked the expiration of a drug before taking which nearly sends her to an early grave. According to her, she was able to calm the situation with coconut water.

You might never be lucky like these two and so many others, apply caution while taking any medication, above all seek for medical advice.


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