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FG's Public Holiday Clashes With IPOB, OPC Sit At Home

FG, IPOB, OPC clash

FG, IPOB, OPC clash
October 1st is the Nigerians Independence day celebration which is done annually. The Country will be 60 years by Thursday 1st October 1960 since it gained freedom from Britain. Several events and exhibitions normally take place. The President also makes an early morning broadcast in an address to the state of the nation.

Many reactions trail on the media as to why the same date was set aside by the IPOB and its leadership to be used as sit at home rather than

other days. One wonders what significance and importance it may have on the already declared holiday by the Federal Government.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Popularly known as Biafrans are the South Easterners agitating for freedom and secession from Nigeria as a result of what they claimed to be marginalization and other related issues melted against them by the Government. They also maintained that the declared sit at home is to honor their members killed by Fulani herdsmen and Bokoharam.

History has it that same agitation led to civil war on what is now known to be the Nigerian-Biafran War which lasted for a period of three and a half years. It also led to the massacre of millions of Biafran women and children inclusive.

In that same manner, the Oduduwa's Peoples Congress has also claimed to be marginalized, thereby joining the Easterners to make the same request. According to a media report, OPC set aside October 1st to be rally day, and also make known their intentions officially to secede from the country.

Much popularity has not been garnered on the Yoruba's idea of freedom talk as compared with the Ibo's decades of freedom fighting. However, a lot of actions are expected to play out by tomorrow ranging from Westerners demonstration to Ibo's sit at home observation and finally Nigeria's Independent celebration.

Therefore, Thursday shall be partitioned into three places which include: Nigerians Usual Independence day celebration, Biafrans sit at home observation, and Oduduwa's rally demonstration. Although no reactions yet from the Federal Government, one expects them to comment on that occasioned by security involvement in order to maintain sanity amongst protesters.

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