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Group Canvass for SARS Dissolution After Rivers Mayhem

Dissolve SARS now
Following the death of one Mr. Sleek, who was shot dead by the members of the Special Anti Robbery Squad in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Monday 21 September 2020 after he alleged refusal to surrender his phone at the checkpoint.

According to the group called one mind, justice for sleek should not be treated with laxity, neither will it be played down as usual. They called on the President to either dissolve the squad or find a lasting

solution to the mayhem caused by them.

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Several reports have been received on the ill activities carried out by this incorporated police agency under the criminal investigative unit of the states department.

This has generated so many reactions on the social media platform via twitter, as eminent Nigerians call on the government to urgently address the urgent issues before the situation goes extremely soar.

Rivers State Governor Nyesome Wike reacting to the purported killing said "The brutal killing of a young vibrant man in Port Harcourt by men of the SARS unit of Nigerian Police is unacceptable, we have and will continue to clamor for the reformation or outright dissolution of SARS because they have become a menace to the society."
Other comments from some Nigerians send a strong note for the end of SARS activities in the country. Citing another trend one Mayowa twitted about a recent encounter by the men of the special force, "Three people were chased to death by SARS, while one other sustained injuries in a road accident allegedly caused by operatives of the Joint taskforce SARS in Osogbo."

Recall that in late April, we garnered that Seyi Akinade recognized as a forex trader reportedly committed suicide over ill-treatment by the members of this same security operatives. In his chat with a cousin, Seyi was said to have a running trade on his trading platform when he was invited over to the office but claimed to run into loss after been released.

The young man committed suicide because the pain was unbearable after owing a lot of people a huge sum of money which runs in millions.

In another statement, Sega Leveilleur pointed "I believe at this point we can no longer accept the reinforcement of the organized crime syndicate we have as tactical squads idling around and mostly committing crimes against humanity. Our youth are endangered and we have lost enough."

The call to end SARS and their inhuman in the country continues and fortunately has yielded fruit as the Inspector General of Police has finally harkened to the voice of the general public by banning them. This came into effect today 04/10/2020 after a woman was shot dead by a member of the SARS which is making waves around the social media.

According to the IGP, below are his positions on the FSARS
Group Canvass for SARS Ban
Group Canvass for SARS Ban
Group Canvass for SARS Ban
End SARS Now.

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