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Her Ghost Torments Me Day And Night - Man Cries Out

Her Ghost Torments Me Day And Night
A man whose identity was given as John Nda who leaves in Akegbe in Nkanu Local Government Area of Enugu State has been alleged to kill his cousin sister for rituals.

Information gathered proved that he committed the heinous act on 20th September 2019. Nda was said to have sent his cousin sister, Linda on an errand to purchase crayfish to prepare dinner, when immediately he joined her on the short trip and slaughtered her remains while it was raining.

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Worried about her whereabouts, the mother of the deceased reached out to Mr John only to find out that he has disappeared into tin air.

Early next day, he pretended not to have noticed the news about the girls disappearance, when a group of able bodied men ducked him, took him to the nearest police station, but got released surprisingly.

Though he accepted sending her on an errand, but claimed he aptly knew nothing about her disappearance. Meanwhile, investigation revealed that an eye witness saw Mr John transport the slaughtered parts of the little in a wheelbarrow very early in the morning with traces of blood.

He confided in eaglesourcenews that he committed the act, attributing it to be the handwork of the devil. He said ever since he killed Linda, her ghost appears to him more often to torment him.

"I have to confess even if it means dying, I see her daily, both in dream and in reality. I have never had rest of mind since her death. She has asked me several times to confess, but I find it very difficult to." He said.

Close source name withheld revealed that before the killing incident, his mother had gone to the farm on a series occasions alone unknowing to her that Nda John has hid himself somewhere waiting to strike, but luck ran against him when suddenly the woman noticed his plan and took to her heels and never set his feet on that piece of farmland till date.

He said his mother acted with no surprise regarding Linda's lost as the previous experience shows that he committed the crime and cannot deny the fact. He may have walked away unpunished after spending a night behind the bar, but suffers trauma through constant appearance of her ghost since her death.

Stories such as this are no longer new, as most people especially the younger generation are no longer interested in hard work, but a quick solution to wealth thereby subscribing to any available means including ritual killings. Why few fortunate ones walk Scot free is due to their strong backups politically and otherwise.

In the case of Mr John and Linda, he claimed to have been sent by his immediate uncle who leaves in Abuja. Rumors has it that it was that same uncle of his that got him out from the Police custody with his connection, and till date no one has set their eyes on him. He complained about a terminal disease which begun earlier this year, which most people says he will be left to rot with it since no further action was taken against him either by the village leaders and the government.

Old believe says that virgins make a good sacrifice but has tendency to boomerang if no necessary measures were taken when performing the ritual acts.

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