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Joe Biden China's Favorable Candidate - Chinese Expert

Joe Biden China's Favorable
A Chinese leading expert has aired his views on the Chinese support of Joe Biden to become the next American President come November 4th 2020.

According to breibart news media which mentioned that Chang Gordon in an early morning chart on air in one Newyork WABC radio show tagged "Round-table Cats", voiced that China supports Joe Biden extremely towards his Presidential ambition.

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The news agency noticed also that Chang was asked concerning Trump's hardheadedness on China and how this affects his relationship with them ahead of the election.

He replied, “From what little evidence we have about China’s troll-farm activity, with its bots and with all of its others, they seem to be favoring Vice President Biden, trying heard to make life very difficult for President Trump — as well as fueling the protests, of course,” Chang explained.

“I think that Beijing has decided that it’s voting for the Democratic Party candidate.”

He went further to state how Twitter dis-able thousands of Chinese fake accounts, meaning the are secretly working harder by all means to get Biden to the White House.

“In June, Twitter took down 174,000 fake Chinese accounts,” he added. “I think that gives you a sense of how large the Chinese effort is. It really is much larger than those of Russia.”

Although he maintained that Russia stands in for Trump, but possess lower volume compared to the China support to Joe Biden. Alleging that the Asian part is steering and abating the black lives matter in order to campaign against him.

Meanwhile, this afternoon the US President on his official Twitter handle announced that the Country has hit about 10.59 million jobs in four months amidst the pandemic. Amazing he said.
Trump continues to strategize ahead of the 2020 Presidential election, despite several protests which are ongoing in different states of America. The recent ones which include Portland and Brooklyn Newyork last night.

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