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Joe Biden Not Acting On His Own - Trump

Joe Biden indecisive
The United States President Donald Trump has claimed that his opponent Joe Biden is acting abstractly towards picking the judges he will be working with.

He made this remark during an exclusive interview session with Hannity of the Fox news said everyone has to come out with a list of supreme court Justices including Joe.

According to him, the left cannot allow Joe to decide on anything by himself if he gets elected, because of the caliber of Justices he is going to pick because they control him a lot.

"The most important thing a President does is to select Supreme Court Justices and Judges. You know we are going to have probably over three hundred by the end of my first term which is a record.

"Over three hundred Judges and Court of Appeal Judges and that's a number no one taught even possible. We will have that number and it will be confirmed and great. Also Supreme court Justice or Justices, the whole country depends on its decisions which way you go whether you have the second amendment or not."

Trump maintained that coming up with the list of judges that he is going to work despite he had done that before which no other President had done in the past.

"I mean the second amend will be indecision if I wasn't here, you wouldn't have the second amendment, not right now, whether you had it or it was just almost totally obliterated, but it will be in a very different form and I kept it totally as it was. And is something I will be very proud of and people I think is a real voting issue and second amendment life.

"So when you look at it, these Judges are going to be making massive decisions and the next President is going to get one, two, three, or four justices of the supreme court. I have two, that's actually considered a lot. You had many President rightly where the didn't have, I think many had none, they stayed on there for a long time. So you had Presidents who had none, but I already have two, you have literally anywhere from one to four addition that changes the entire fabric of the nation."

On the decision whether he is going to pick judges he will work with, Trump said he would love to pick at least about four young judges whose lists will be announced in due course.

"You know they run the court for twenty-five to forty years depending on the age, depending on what age you choose. Frankly, most of them are young because you want to choose the young, you want to pick them up as long as you want them on. It's a very important thing that is happening and I felt I should announce the list for which I will always pick.

"We had twenty-two to twenty-three and I added twenty, so we have about forty-three and it will always be from that list that I pick whether it is one two three or four, so everyone can look at that list whether happy or not happy."

Joe has to up the list. This is something that I came up with the last time election, I think it might have been one of the reasons for my success in the election because people want to be sure who do I pick and I actually put out the list twenty and then twenty-five. And I said only from this list and the previous list will I pick.

He expressed his fear over Joe Biden's picking off the democrat's judges who would not offer him the chance of sole decision making, instead of picking normal judges.

"Joe has to come up with the list, he should come up with the list otherwise people can't vote for him. The reason he wants to come up with is, he is going to come up with far radical left Judges. I mean this will be people that are very very far to the left, you know that are revolutionaries in the sense.

"I think he is going to come up with them I don't know they are going to allow him because they control him totally. They control Joe Biden, he is not in control of himself, he is controlled by the radical left and it is a very dangerous part of our society. He is totally controlled and he is not going to be able to name Democrats Judges that are in the middle some play normal life, people that are normal people.

"He will be forced to pick extremely radical judges and I don't think he can get elected if he does that. If he does what he has to do which is name the judges he is going to pick with justices, soon the be he is going to pick, I don't think he is going to be electable, so he has got a real problem," he concluded.

America will be holding its presidential election on November 3rd, 2020, which is barely one month from now.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and the first lady have tested positive for COVID 19. According to a tweet yesterday 1st October 2020, "Tonight, Melania and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER." He declared.

In another text, the US President also pointed out that Hope Hicks followed suite in testing positive after so many months of not relenting in her effort as an advisor. Trump also recognized the fact that despite being positive, his office as a President will not seize to be functional, as he and the first lady gets quarantined.

This has generated mixed reactions as his campaign will hit on without his presence for some moments. According to the media, more are yet to test positive, due to strong contact with the President and those around him. 

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