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Bovine Tuberculosis In Cows, See How It Affects Human

Bovine Tuberculosis In Cows
A new disease that can affect the human lungs has been discovered in the cow.

The disease is said to cause lung impairment in cattle which can, in turn, affect human beings.

According to a Nigerian Micro-Biologist, Chinedu Justine who told eaglesourcenews in an engaged conversation and also made it known on social media, that he noticed some cows coughing which might act as a bovine sign.

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"Be careful eating cow meats such as the lungs, some cows have been noticed to cough a lot, a sign of bovine tuberculosis" he said.

Bovine Disease as he explained is a bacterial infection that can affect the lungs of the cow making them cough, that bacterium can infect human beings who eat the infected part of the bovine meat which is the lungs.

He, therefore, urged all who are adapted to meat especially that of a cow lung to desist from it at least for now to avoid been infected.

He also claimed that the disease in question is zoonotic in nature. Cow rearing has been the major occupation of those from the Northern part of Nigeria, called Herdsmen or cattle rearers.

Cow meat is a popular meat in the Nigerian local markets which can be afforded by anyone at a cheaper rate. It's also used several on ceremonies and celebrations.

Several warnings have been issued by medical experts on too much consumption of red meat or beef, fats, and other parts that only harm the body system especially those who are advanced in age.

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