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Tension As APC Candidate Files An Appeal In Imo State

APC Candidate files an appeal
An APC candidate in Imo State has reportedly filed an appeal challenging the decision of his party to declare his fellow contender a winner.

The just concluded primaries of the All Progressive Congress held in Okigwe Senatorial District on Thursday 4th September 2020 which saw its consensus candidate, Ibezim Frank been declared winner is about to face court reviews.

Recalled that Frank Ibezim had polled a total of  13,637 votes as against Ifeanyi Ararume who got only 2703 votes alongside other candidates. He was announced the winner of the primary thus becoming the flag bearer of the party for the upcoming Imo North Senatorial District election.

Senator Ifeanyi Ararume, according to a close source rejects the result announced by the party chairman on primary elections, Dr Suradejeen despite the primary been held at different locations as he alleged that the process was mare with irregularities.

He has been known for his controversial attitude towards electoral matters. He has also been a two term senator in Okigwe Senatorial Zone and a one time Governor-elect before his nullification by the court.

As at the time of filing this report, no exact date was revealed by the court regarding the case as the parties involved will be notified before the process kicks off.

This decision has come as a surprise, previous report shows that no form of electoral violence or irregularities was marked on the said date of the Party's primary, rather was conducted in a peaceful manner as commended by the electoral chairman and other observers.

Dr Suradejeen had after the election commended all the candidates involved, including their efforts in not allowing their supporters raise any form of chaos or tension, but maintained peace and order even after the votes was announced and winner declared.

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